Biting the leg …..

March 18, 2011 |

I’m not suggesting Goodell will retaliate against either player, even if he has an opportunity to level discipline at them for one reason or another. But, why present such a situation? Why would a player compromise their own standing with the league’s administration?

It’s ironic that most of the “Faces Of The NFL” are much smarter than the likes of Kevin Burnett and Chester Pitts. And, a few of these same “Faces” are actually serving as plaintiffs in the lawsuit against the league.

When Tom Brady, Peyton Manning and Drew Brees emerge, they’ll be standing at the table across from the NFL’s bigwigs, in a Federal Courtroom. They’re certainly taking issue with the league – but, they’re doing it responsibly and with civility.

Have we heard from Ray Lewis, Hines Ward, Philip Rivers or Brian Urlacher? God knows they love the microphone and exposure. But, they’re also smarter than to target themselves in the future.

Each of them might agree with Burnett and/or Pitts position. But, there is a distinct difference between thinking and saying something …..

As a fan of the NFL, I don’t really care about the thoughts of players during this contentious and polarizing ordeal.

As a father, I simply hope my daughter heeds my advice and never bites the leg of Roger Goodell or any other boss …..