Blog & Tackle: Happy Opening Day

April 06, 2009 | Chris Pika

It’s Opening Day for the Orioles and major-league baseball today, not to be confused with Opening Night, the made-for-TV event that gets an ESPN2 slot behind the Women’s Final Four on the big channel.

We all have our predictions on how the season with go for the Orioles (mine is 75 wins), but today is a day to remember how much enjoyment the game brings to us each spring when the records are 0-0, and how much we all look forward to the start of Ravens training camp by mid-June once the record is well south of .500.

Maybe the Orioles can do what the Ravens did a year ago — exceed expectations and make a run to the playoffs. But the Birds don’t have Joe Flacco in the starting rotation, Orioles skipper Dave Trembley will never be mistaken for John Harbaugh and Ray Lewis won’t be doing his pregame dance down the orange carpet.

Still it’s nice to see the white home jerseys, the orange and black bunting around the park, and fellow Mt. St. Joe grad Mark Teixeira in the lineup. Unfortunately for Birds fans, he’ll be doing his damage in a Yankee cap, instead of an Oriole one. I’m sure Mark will feel at home with the cheers of thousands of Yankee fans who will invade Camden Yards for the series — since they can’t afford nosebleed tickets in the new Yankee Stadium.

Yes, it’s Opening Day with great memories of trips to the ballpark with family and friends watching the stars of today and tomorrow and the hopes of posteseason games in October. Regardless of the reality that the 2009 season brings to the Orioles, we can all celebrate those timeless traditions for one day before getting back to wondering who the Ravens will draft in the first round.