Blog & Tackle: Tweeting the Ravens in 140 characters

August 01, 2009 | Chris Pika

The newest way to follow the Ravens at camp is through Twitter (including WNST’s own coverage). A few national media have been through in the first two days of camp, so this is how they tweeted the Ravens in 140 characters or less (including info on Derrick Mason’s unretirement on Saturday afternoon).

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With that, here are the 140-character tweets over the last two days: (Yahoo’s Charles Robinson):

Shocked to hear Ed Reed say he almost retired before last two seasons because of nerve damage issues. Watch him while you still can, folks. … Ravens LB Ray Lewis is down 15-20 pounds from last season. Lighter and faster, but you wonder if it’s going to diminish some of the wallop. … Thoughts after the first Ravens practice: First and foremost, tackle-needy teams are going to regret passing on Michael Oher. Very skilled. … As usual, the Ravens D is way ahead of the O early in camp. Secondary looks sharp. Passing offense misses Derrick Mason right now. … Ray Rice looks like he’ll be the lead guy in the backfield. Players say he’s reading holes faster and using more wiggle on second level. … Ravens still have a committee backfield, so Ray Rice likely won’t be seeing 20 carries regularly unless he’s hot. … Word is Willis McGahee has done a 180 mentally. Showed up with a very positive attitude, working hard, seems to truly be enjoying himself. … Ray Lewis looks trimmer, but players think the 15-20 pound loss is exaggerating. Guys say more like 8-10, but that he is definitely faster. … Hard to say yet how loss of Rex Ryan and Bart Scott will impact the D. May be seen in play-calling more than anything else. … The feeling on Derrick Mason seems to be that it’s not done yet. But it varies. Some are extremely optimistic of a return. Some not. … More about Derrick Mason…prevailing feeling among players seems to be that it’s not money. Staff front office seems to think it is money. .. Brandon Marshall absolutely won’t be traded to Ravens. Extending Marshall would mean surrendering Haloti Ngata down the line. NOT happening. (ESPN’s Adam Schefter)

Hunch is that, before regular season starts, Derrick Mason will be back playing receiver for Ravens. … Dont look for Ravens to make move on veteran WR anytime soon, if at all. Not their style. … Terrell Suggs T-shirt today: “You bet your sweet ass I hate Pittsburgh.” … Proof Ravens need receivers: only 9 on roster, and 5 are undrafted free agents. … Actually was meeting w/ John Harbaugh yesterday when he excused himself to talk to Mason. Harbaugh was gone 10 minutes. 10 productive mins. … In regards to $ questions on Mason – 0.00 percent chance Baltimore gave him any more money. Not happening.