Broncos Busted on to Beating Brady

January 15, 2013 | Thyrl Nelson


#6 – Comfort In Close Games

Throughout the year the Ravens drove their own fans crazy by seeming to play down to the level of their competition. As a result they amassed a 7-3 regular season record in games decided in the last 5 minutes. Now, in the playoffs, where close games are commonplace, the Ravens not only have a level of comfort in close quarters, but also an understanding and an expectation that they can win them.


The Question: Can the Ravens keep it close enough through the first 55 minutes on Sunday to still have a chance in the final 5 minutes?


#7 – The Ravens Have A Kicker


With all due respect to Billy Cundiff, Justin Ticker did on Saturday what Cundiff couldn’t do in last year’s AFC title game. If given the opportunity to tie or win it late on Sunday, Ravens fans will feel much better about Tucker than they did about Cundiff.


The Question(s): Can we really handle another game coming down to a critical kick?

Will the Patriots allow Tucker to get in a practice kick or two as the Broncos did on Saturday?