Can the Ravens count on James Harrison and his bag of blunders?

December 02, 2010 |

Be assured, the NFL’s legal team is in the midst of constructing a wall of defense, in the event they’re ever sued; especially in group action litigation. Thus, they’ll demonstrate a willingness and proactive approach to make the game safer.

And, with such steps taken, ugly attachments like NEGLIGENCE and DISREGARD OF WELL BEING are likely to fall by the wayside, while suits are dismissed.

You can’t leave such rules or policies up to the players, either. They’re incapable of truly policing themselves …..

Heck, they won’t even step up and support the men who paved the early roads of the NFL for them.

They live for today.

The epidemic of concussions and brain injuries falls squarely upon the shoulders of Roger Goodell and his staff. To his credit, he’s doing something about it.

Call it heavy-handed or drastic, but his primary obligation is to protect and ensure the future of the National Football League, period.

So, when James Harrison fails to abide by the new rules, he gets a hefty financial wakeup call.

Well, that’s the only action taken, thus far …..

I will imagine that if his pattern of disregard for rules doesn’t wane, a more intent measure of progressive discipline is likely to be forthcoming. Harrison will not win this wager – the NFL will break him, before he ever breaks them.

And, don’t buy into his faint threats of quitting the game, either.

That ain’t happening …..

Pro football players are no different than factory workers, truck drivers, doctors or plumbers – their income has dictated a certain lifestyle. And, they’re not sacrificing a way of life for their families.

To be blunt, it will probably require the Steelers losing a game in the final minutes and thanks to a personal foul penalty against James Harrison, to really instill a mission to changing the way this guy plays his position.

If the Steelers lose such a game, it will undoubtedly come at a greater cost than the $25,000 deductions Harrison has been finding in his paychecks. To date, he’s really only cost himself.

Eventually, he’ll screw up at the most inopportune time. And, when (not if) it happens, James Harrison will find himself at a crossroads.

Change is inevitable – even for stubborn, lawless linebackers.