Can’t Let Down Today

November 13, 2011 | Marty Mossa

It’s a “simple” game as my father-in-law always says. We need to play the Seahawks like they’re the Steelers. DON’T LET UP. We have a chance to take control of our own destiny. But we must still keep winning.

The Ravens are 2-1 lifetime against Seattle (2-0 at home/0-1 in Seattle). We must adjust to the rain that is in the forcast, and the loud crowd. If the O-line protects Joe, and Joe protects the ball we will be in good shape. I won’t use the words SHOULD, because when I used that word for the Tennesee and Jacksonville games, we got spanked.

I’m rooting for the Bengals to dispose of the Steelers, and we the same to Seattle. If those two things happen, it sets us up for quite a showdown next week. GO RAVENS!!!!!!