Clint Boling will Benefit from Georgia’s NFL Style Offense

March 31, 2011 | Brian Billick

Georgia’s Clint Boling is a prospect that is gaining a lot of momentum going into the NFL Draft.  Throughout his career at Georgia, he played both guard and tackle and finished his career with 49 starts (final 38 in a row) to his name.

13 of those starts came his senior year, 6 were at left tackle, but he is better off playing inside in the NFL.  Overall, Boling isn’t the most athletic offensive lineman, but he is agile enough to be effective.  He has better than average feet and does a nice job of  anticipating where the defense will be flowing.  Often times, you will see a lineman attempt to block a second-level defender and miss because he didn’t take the proper angle.  Similarly, he is a good pulling lineman, but often looks most comfortable in zone block schemes.  One thing that concerns me about Boling’s tape is his lack of knee bend and hip flexion.  This was a really exposed when matched up against Auburn’s Nick Fairley, and Fairley is the caliber of athlete he will face each Sunday in the in NFL.

Clint Boing is a smart and durable lineman that will obviously benefit from his four years of starting experience in a pro-style offense.  Look for him to be grouped within the second crop of interior lineman to be selected in April’s draft.