Comcast Morning Show Ravens Playoff Scenario Picks

December 14, 2009 | Glenn Clark

These are the games that matter between now and the end of the season as far as the Ravens’ Wild Card hopes are concerned…..

(Note: Times and networks COULD be flexed.)

Week 15:
IND @ JAC  Thursday 8:20pm NFL Net   Drew-Jaguars, Glenn-Jaguars
CHI @ BAL   Sunday 1pm FOX             Drew-Ravens, Glenn-Ravens
NE @ BUF   Sunday 1pm CBS            Drew-Patriots, Glenn-Patriots
MIA @ TEN  Sunday 1pm CBS            Drew-Dolphins, Glenn-Titans
HOU @ STL  Sunday 1pm CBS           Drew-Texans, Glenn-Texans
ATL @ NYJ   Sunday 1pm FOX         Drew-Jets, Glenn-Jets
OAK @ DEN  Sunday 4:05pm CBS        Drew-Broncos, Glenn-Broncos
CIN @ SD     Sunday 4:05pm CBS       Drew-Chargers, Glenn-Chargers
GB @ PIT      Sunday 4:15pm FOX       Drew-Packers, Glenn-Packers

Week 15 Swing Games:
MIA @ TEN-Tennessee is eliminated with a loss, and COULD be forced to play without Vince Young.
IND @ JAC-An Indianapolis loss (which both of us picked) could lead to them benching Peyton Manning and company the rest of the way.
GB @ PIT-A Pittsburgh loss eliminates them before the Ravens come to Heinz Field. Obviously, this would be good for all of us in Charm City.

Week 16:
SD @ TEN   Friday 7:30pm NFL Net       Drew-Chargers, Glenn-Titans
KC @ CIN   Sunday 1pm CBS             Drew-Bengals, Glenn-Bengals
HOU @ MIA    Sunday 1pm CBS             Drew-Dolphins, Glenn-Dolphins
JAC @ NE   Sunday 1pm CBS              Drew-Patriots, Glenn-Patriots
DEN @ PHI     Sunday 1pm CBS            Drew-Eagles, Glenn-Eagles
BAL @ PIT      Sunday 1pm CBS            Drew-Ravens, Glenn-Ravens
NYJ @ IND     Sunday 4:15pm CBS           Drew-Colts, Glenn-Colts

Week 16 Swing Games:
HOU @ MIA-If Houston is still alive, they’re dangerous in this one.
BAL @ PIT-Ditto here for Pittsburgh. They have to stay at 7 losses to make this interesting though.
NYJ @ IND-If the Colts lose to the Jags, Curtis Painter could very well get the start here. If that’s the case, I might regret picking the Colts.

Week 17:
JAC @ CLE    Sunday 1pm CBS      Drew-Browns, Glenn-Jaguars
NE @ HOU    Sunday 1pm CBS      Drew-Texans, Glenn-Texans
PIT @ MIA     Sunday 1pm CBS       Drew-Dolphins, Glenn-Dolphins
CIN @ NYJ    Sunday 1pm CBS      Drew-Jets, Glenn-Bengals
KC @ DEN    Sunday 4:15pm CBS       Drew-Broncos, Glenn-Broncos
BAL @ OAK     Sunday 4:15pm CBS      Drew-Ravens, Glenn-Ravens
TEN @ SEA     Sunday 4:15pm CBS      Drew-Seahawks, Glenn-Titans

Week 17 Swing Games:
NE @ HOU-The Pats have yet to win a NATURAL road game all season (although we both picked them to win at Buffalo in Week 15). This could be a game on the road at Houston with their entire season on the line.
PIT @ MIA-If the Steelers win their next 2, no way they lose in Miami.
KC @ DEN-I still think Denver has an unthinkable loss in them personally.

How my picks shake out-
Cincinnati 11-5, wins AFC North, #3 seed
New England 10-6, wins AFC East, #4 seed
Baltimore 10-6, #5 seed based on head-to-head win over Denver
Denver 10-6, #6 seed
Miami 9-7
Jacksonville 9-7
Tennessee 9-7
Houston 8-8
New York Jets 8-8
Pittsburgh 6-10

How Drew’s picks shake out-
Miami 10-6, wins AFC East via conference record tiebreaker over Patriots, gets #3 seed via conference record tiebreaker over Bengals
Cincinnati 10-6, wins AFC North via head-to-head sweep of Ravens, #4 seed
Baltimore 10-6, #5 seed via head-to-head win over Broncos
Denver 10-6, #6 seed
New England 10-6, misses playoffs due to conference record tiebreaker with Ravens and Broncos
New York Jets 9-7
Jacksonville 8-8
Houston 8-8
Tennessee 6-10
Pittsburgh 6-10

So each of us have the Ravens getting in. Drew has them going to Cincinnati in the Wild Card round, I have them going to Foxborough.