Comeback Player of The Year

August 13, 2008 |

The Comeback Player of The Year award is usually reserved for players who are coming back from an injury. This year’s team has plenty of those candidates.

Samari Rolle was diagnosed with a serious life changing illness that could alter the way he plays the game. If he puts together a solid year, he could be a strong candidate for the award.

Trevor Pryce changed the face of the defense in 2006 with his ability to get to the quarterback without a complexed blitzing scheme. If he can mirror the ’06 season, Pryce could be the Comeback Player of The Year.

Again, the possibilities are endless. The Ravens had several injuries last season, which means they’re counting on those players to return to form in the upcoming season.

With that being said, I believe the Comeback Player of The Year will come from a player who missed no time at all.

This could be the season that Bart Scott proves he is REALLY a premiere linebacker.

In 2006, Scott had over 100 tackles with 9.5 sacks. Numbers aside, he was an impact player who the Ravens counted on to be a game changer on nearly every play.

Last season, Scott’s impact wasn’t nearly has great. He had 94 tackles, but his drop-off of only 1 sack reflected his drop-off of impact plays.

I believe that, in this contract season, Bart Scott will go back to being that “Mad Backer” that we’ve come to expect.

Bart Scott, my 2008, Ravens, Comeback Player of The Year.