Crazy Beginning to ’08 NFL Season

September 23, 2008 |

How crazy each year of the NFL it can be. This year, who could have imagined the Buffalo Bills, the Tennessee Titans, the Denver Broncos, and the Baltimore Ravens would be atop their respective divisions in the AFC? Who would have thought the Colts, the Chargers, the Jaguars, and the Browns would be at or near the bottom of their divisions at this point?

So with this crazy season so far, I thought of making a Top 5 “Who Would Have Thought” about the NFL list of 2008. Here is mine…

Who would have thought:

  1. The Lions were going to miss Mike Martz, and with him, the 49ers offense is actually legitimate this year?
  2. Indy would be winless at home?
  3. The state of Ohio wouldn’t have one NFL win?
  4. Miami would run all over New England, in New England, on the legs of Ronnie Brown?
  5. The Ravens are 2-0 with Flacco at the helm?

And finally:

6. Joey Porter, for the first time in his life was able to back up all the trash talk he made during the week leading up the game…

Okay so I threw in an extra one there, but really I could have had that list 20 items long.

Your Take: So what would be your Top 5 “Who Would Have Thought” about the NFL list of 2008 so far this season (or 6 or how many thoughts you have)?

The best news that came out yesterday was Ravens’ safety Dawan Landry will be able to recover from his spinal contusion and possibly get back to the field in the next few weeks. When you saw him take that hit from Jamal Lewis’ knee/thigh to his helmet, the first thought through most of our minds was probably, will he be able to play again? Thankfully he is alright and hopefully he can fully recover from this injury.

The game Sunday was smashing…literally. The most memorable hit I remember from that game was the frickin’ WWE style pile driver that Ray Lewis threw down on Kellen Winslow in the 3rd Quarter. I mean really, it was like watching The Rock pile drive Triple H into submission…but I digress. That hit and the interception was definitely the turning point of the entire game. Don’t get me wrong, the Ed Reed interception was pretty phenomenal as well, but I think when Ray laid that hit on Kellen, the defense decided to really kick it into that extra gear. I also think that the defense is playing with more determination because they have something to prove after last year, and most importantly, with the way the offense has been able to successfully move the ball, they finally feel like the game rests on their shoulders, unlike last year. This defense, if the offense can give them time to rest and catch its breath during the game and they stay healthy, could possibly be just as good as the one that stepped out on the field two years ago in 2006.

The Ravens face the Steelers in Pittsburgh on Monday Night Football. I can’t wait to see what our defense can do to the Steelers’ offensive line that gave up 8 sacks to the Eagles. I am also looking forward to see how Flacco will do in his first road game and in such a hostile environment such as Pittsburgh. Even with his two picks, one which was a blatant rookie mistake and the other a simple toss up, I think he is still making great progress and his apparently nerves of steel on the field is a calming change after years of the anxiety child Kyle Boller.

A big congratulation goes out to the Maryland Terrapin football team that followed up their surprising upset of Cal with an impressive win over Eastern Michigan. It seems that ever since Turner was named the official starter, and therefore no more of the usual quarterback controversy, the offense seems to finally be running at 100%. Hopefully they can keep up this momentum and the offense keeps rolling along.

How about Navy getting that win against Rutgers? That was a fun game to listen to on the radio. The Mids held their own against a team that I thought would at least be competitive in the Big East this year. But frustration has surmounted for the Scarlet Knights. After the last play of the game where Rutger’s starting quarterback, Michael Teel, landed a punch on his own teammate as they were walking off the field, sums up all the tension and emotions on that team. The most surprising part is how he will not be disciplined for his actions because Head Coach Greg Schiano said it was a great teaching opportunity. I think the great teaching opportunity would be for Coach Schiano to circle the wagons and get his team moving in the direction they were going two years ago when they were actually a formidable force in the Big East.

Don’t forget that WNST will soon be launching its new website…that is going to be even a better site to visit. Well, sayonara Bmore, I’ll get back at you next time.