Cundiff says it’s a kick he’s made a thousand times

January 22, 2012 | WNSTV

AFC Championship - Baltimore Ravens v New England Patriots

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  1. BizarroGlenn Says:

    Loss sums up ravens season. Atleast we get to look forward to changes on offense. It is not who goes but who will be left.

  2. JJ Fozz Says:

    Maybe, but the 1001 time he DIDN”T make it, and that’s what counts

  3. Mike Says:

    Not biggest kick in baltimore football history..
    Jim O’Brien has that honor.. forever… 16-13 Super Bowl V

  4. NC REDSKINS Fan Says:

    Don’t worry about, you did NOT lose the game. Your QB named Flucco lost the game.

  5. Frank Says:

    Obviously, NC Redskin fan did not watch the game. Flacco outplayed Brady. Period. But then how would a Redskins fan recognize great QB play?

  6. NC REDSKINS Fan Says:

    Frank, I watched Flacco take a simple 3rd and 1 and screw it up into a forced incomplete pass when he could have run the 1 yard instead. Had he done that, the Ravens could then eat up more clock and won the game with a closer FG or even a TD. Flacco lost the game, not Cundiff.

    (Edit from Glenn: This isn’t my thread, but I’ll step in. Credit to Flacco for NOT running there. The Ravens would have been forced to burn their final timeout and would have likely just had to kick on the next play anyway. They needed to throw to the sideline or the endzone in order to get another play. Your analysis is simply off no matter what team you root for.)

  7. charlie Says:

    good for you, mike. o’brien’s kick was the biggest. and next would be steve myhra’s, sending the 1958 championship into the first sudden-death ever.

    this was the biggest miss, maybe.

  8. NC REDSKINS Fan Says:

    Flacco still lost the game MORE than Cundiff did.

    (Edit from Glenn: I’ll just end this. You’re right because you say so. Have a nice day.)

  9. BizarroGlenn Says:

    How does bizarro glenn get rights to edit comments, n the redskins girl is right, it is lacko and his uneven play that cost them a win. Resume conversation

    (Edit from real Glenn: You mean to tell me we haven’t already given you that power? What the hell is going on around here?)

  10. over40 DON Says:

    Mike is right. the byline under the picture of cundiff is ridiculous go to rear of the class

    FUNNY REDSKINS GUYS mel kiper says you guys are gonna get peyton good luck with that LOSERS!!!!!!

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