Dear Football, Please Just Come Back Already

June 15, 2011 | Glenn Clark

College lacrosse was as good as I can remember this season. The Maryland Terrapins kept us interested locally all the way until Memorial Day, where it was really nice to sit in my seat at M&T Bank Stadium and think about a reunion.

Even before then, there were plenty of thrilling games throughout the season-including an incredible overtime battle between the Terps and Johns Hopkins in College Park.

The NCAA Tournament reminded me of…well…the NCAA Tournament this year. While no one was happy to see Connecticut win the thing, we are all kept on the edge of our seats by Butler, VCU, Morehead State, Richmond and Jimmer Fridette.

Even with a goofy “First Four” and the absolutely unnecessary additions of Charles Barkley and Kenny Smith to the broadcast crew, the Tournament kept us distracted just fine during March.

While I was by no means looking to see Gary Williams retire from his post at Maryland, his sudden decision certainly made for an interesting seven days in this state. The debate about his legacy, the timing of his decision and the culture of change within the athletic department at Maryland made for great conversation and high interest amongst sports fans.

For those of us pursuing the story, the search for a new coach was equally compelling. Between the longshots (like Butler’s Brad Stevens, Villanova’s Jay Wright, Notre Dame’s Mike Brey and Pitt’s Jamie Dixon), the seemingly realistic possibilities (namely Arizona’s Sean Miller) and the eventual hire (Texas A&M’s Mark Turgeon), it was a compelling time period for Terps fans and hoops fans in general.

Thanks to the fact that you didn’t screw up the NFL Draft beyond the goofy Thursday night start you implemented last year, we were still able to keep ourselves entertained with that in April. We debated whether or not the Baltimore Ravens needed a Wide Receiver, Pass Rusher or Cornerback more, then we debated whether eventual first round pick Jimmy Smith was worth the risk given his many red flags.

In all, the last four months have been pretty okay without you.

I mean, it has been at least a bit weird. Watching players run around in street clothes over at Unitas Stadium instead of donning purple and black out in Owings Mills didn’t exactly feel right. It felt like going to dinner with a gal the first time after breaking up with a long-term girlfriend. You might be physically attracted to the gal you’re sharing an appetizer with, but in your heart you know you still have feelings for the gal you split with.

You, football are the ex I can’t help but want to get back together with.

I don’t want any more awkward dinners…and more than that I don’t want any more lonely nights.