Do you have a question for Derrick Mason? Q&A session today @ noon ….

March 14, 2011 |

This afternoon, I will be participating in a Q&A session with Derrick Mason, as he shares some thoughts on the current situation between the National Football League Players Association and ownership.


With the latest turn of events, the NFLPA has applied for de-certification, which has led ownership to counter with a lockout.  As negotiations between both sides finally broke down without an agreement, the next stop appears to be in Federal Court.


As with any topic regarding sports, most of us have distinct opinions when it comes to the unrest facing the NFL.  While we view our own interests when it comes to the passions of the game, I think it’s also vital to recognize many livelihoods depend on the business structure of the league.


From the bottom line of revenue, to the necessity for healthcare and pension benefits, many families stand to be impacted by a work stoppage or concessions beyond what’s reasonable for either side.  The spirit of “fairness” is something to always keep in mind.


I applaud Derrick for reaching out to fans and sharing his views and perspectives of the overall dilemma.  While most of us recognize the need for transparency in any negotiation or compromise, there is also a need for disseminating information to the public.


I think today’s Q&A session is a means for gathering such content …..


If you have a question for Derrick, please email me at, before 11am.  I will do my best to provide all inquiries for his consideration.  I will furnish his answers in a blog, and we’ll chat about it during this afternoon’s show.