Do you know how lucky we are to have the Ravens?

January 06, 2012 | Nestor Aparicio

As I wander the neighborhoods of Baltimore this week with various Ravens players seeing the immense enthusiasm for our purple birds and our community it’s not hard to not be reminded of the significance of the football team here in the Charm City.

We’re very lucky to have a winning franchise with the Baltimore Ravens & I’ll continue to suggest that we don’t take it for granted.

Four days ago we saw more than half the teams in the NFL reevaluate their coaching and leadership positions yet again because they had a lousy season. If you’re a real Baltimore Ravens fan, you know we’ve had some lousy seasons as well.

But four years in a row in the playoffs?

That’s just very fortunate from where I sit.

Need I remind you that we have the Baltimore Orioles to remind us every spring and summer about just how lucky we are to have another sports franchise and owner in town like Steve Bisciotti who cares about winning and the spirit and joy it brings to the entire metropolis.

And, to me, it’s almost like shining the brightest light possible on why I continue to rail against the tyranny of the misdeeds and shameless profiteering Peter Angelos has subjected the city to since 1998. With the Orioles, there’s absolutely no hope and no joy associated with being a fan.

Until now, the Orioles’ 1969-70-71 World Series run was the city’s gold standard as the longest running postseason show. Of course, it was much more difficult then with only four teams making the playoffs in Major League Baseball. Incidentally, the Orioles also went back to the postseason in 1973 and 1974, making it five outta six so the Ravens have also matched that era of consistency with this most recent run.

And as I’ve stated several times this week, I believe the Baltimore Ravens will win the Super Bowl in Indianapolis in four weeks.

And I fully expect this next month to be among the great months of my young life.

Which brings me to my point today: make sure you enjoy this run of good fortune. Get going with your purple revelry, hang your purple lights, dye your hair purple, grow a Flacco Fu, come out and meet a Ravens player and enjoy a radio show with us but remember THIS:

It won’t last forever.

If you are a Baltimore Ravens fan like me you are spoiled rotten with NFL success. Teams don’t make the playoffs every year – just ask the folks in Philadelphia and those Jets fans in New York about that. Also, every San Diego Chargers fan thinks it’s his birthright to be a 12-win team in the perennially lousy AFC West. And need I remind you of the Indianapolis Colts, who had made nine consecutive playoff appearances and 11 or 12 until their quarterback got hurt?

This prosperity is unprecedented in the history of Baltimore sports – four straight Festivus appearances – is to be