Do you know how lucky we are to have the Ravens?

January 06, 2012 | Nestor Aparicio


As I wander the neighborhoods of Baltimore this week with various Ravens players seeing the immense enthusiasm for our purple birds and our community it’s not hard to not be reminded of the significance of the football team here in the Charm City.

We’re very lucky to have a winning franchise with the Baltimore Ravens & I’ll continue to suggest that we don’t take it for granted.

Four days ago we saw more than half the teams in the NFL reevaluate their coaching and leadership positions yet again because they had a lousy season. If you’re a real Baltimore Ravens fan, you know we’ve had some lousy seasons as well.

But four years in a row in the playoffs?

That’s just very fortunate from where I sit.

Need I remind you that we have the Baltimore Orioles to remind us every spring and summer about just how lucky we are to have another sports franchise and owner in town like Steve Bisciotti who cares about winning and the spirit and joy it brings to the entire metropolis.

And, to me, it’s almost like shining the brightest light possible on why I continue to rail against the tyranny of the misdeeds and shameless profiteering Peter Angelos has subjected the city to since 1998. With the Orioles, there’s absolutely no hope and no joy associated with being a fan.

Until now, the Orioles’ 1969-70-71 World Series run was the city’s gold standard as the longest running postseason show. Of course, it was much more difficult then with only four teams making the playoffs in Major League Baseball. Incidentally, the Orioles also went back to the postseason in 1973 and 1974, making it five outta six so the Ravens have also matched that era of consistency with this most recent run.

And as I’ve stated several times this week, I believe the Baltimore Ravens will win the Super Bowl in Indianapolis in four weeks.

And I fully expect this next month to be among the great months of my young life.

Which brings me to my point today: make sure you enjoy this run of good fortune. Get going with your purple revelry, hang your purple lights, dye your hair purple, grow a Flacco Fu, come out and meet a Ravens player and enjoy a radio show with us but remember THIS:

It won’t last forever.

If you are a Baltimore Ravens fan like me you are spoiled rotten with NFL success. Teams don’t make the playoffs every year – just ask the folks in Philadelphia and those Jets fans in New York about that. Also, every San Diego Chargers fan thinks it’s his birthright to be a 12-win team in the perennially lousy AFC West. And need I remind you of the Indianapolis Colts, who had made nine consecutive playoff appearances and 11 or 12 until their quarterback got hurt?

This prosperity is unprecedented in the history of Baltimore sports – four straight Festivus appearances – is to be

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  1. Brad Tingle Says:

    Hi Nestor,
    You and I are on the same age and I totally agree with everything you said in this article.
    Are you just going with your wife to Indy or are you going to do a trip?
    Happy New Year by the way and I am sure I will run into you at Elliott’s in the near future.

    Brad Tingle

  2. Patrick Moran Says:

    You said beating Pittsburgh would be more fun than beating Houston. I say hold on to that desire! Houston and Pittsburgh win this week, We beat Houston next week and Pittsburgh beats New England, AFC Championship at M&T vs Steelers! This time we win by 40! Now that is a dream scenario that I would LOVE to see!!

    On a seperate note, I would probably have to refinance my house to pay for those tickets!


  3. mike Says:

    I agree with you 100%. I think the people of Baltimore should boycott Angelos’s law firm. Maybe that would force him to spend some money on the O’s

  4. Justafan Says:

    Joe Flacco is the best quarterback the Ravens have had since Vinnie Testaverde. As your old boss, John Steadman would say, ” In order to appreciate winning, you have to lose.” All so true!

  5. wade Says:

    No doubt we should be happy with this team and the ownership.Hell of a lot better than win one season,lose one, win next season lose the next with the captain of the 10 letter word “compu coach“Billick.Four years in a row with a rookie qb and head coach.Baltimore is so lucky.I for one represent a faction of raven lunatics in Harford County that love this team.We`re going to Indy to rub it in the Hoosier Irsays.How ironic will it be when raymond Berry hands it to Mr. Bischotti and we take it home in a Mayflower van?.Funny stuff,retribution if you will, the proverbial nail in the coffin.

  6. Desmond Says:

    What happened to YouPon?

  7. Paul from Towson Says:

    Nestor, I agree with you 100%. Fans are quickly becoming like the Atlanta Braves fans who failed to fill the stands when their team made the playoffs every year, but anything short of a World Series berth was considered a disappointment. Cherish this time. I personally am soaking in every second of this bye and wearing my purple proud. Just ask fans in cities like Buffalo, St. Louis and Cleveland, where the only thing they have to look forward to is the draft, how special four straight postseason trips would be. And I wont even bother to comment on the Orioles, they dont deserve mention in this conversation.

  8. Rob from Clarkville Says:

    do you still have YouPon?

  9. unitastoberry Says:

    Modell,Bisciotti, and Ozzy are the only things that keep this city worth living in since 1996. Otherwise with the high taxes, crime and winters I would be down south.

  10. Steve Says:

    Nestor,, Yes we are lucky..But i rather have the Colts back. We should all say lets run the O’s outta town just like we did to Mr Irsay. The Colts move could have been prevented if we didnt have a Democrat mayor and governor. Look at Indys politics they gave in to Jim Irsay building that new stadium.It all started with Caroll Rosenbloom he wanted to buy that Eastern High School property right next to Memorial Stadium and build a new Stadium for the Colts. But William Donald Shaffer said no. Then Carrol Rosenbloom came up another suggestion. He wanted to add seats in Memorial Stadium building bleechers between LF & RF bleechers at Memorial Stadium and Adding upper Level seating streching LF and RF bleechers again Shaffer said no. Then Mr Rosenbloom swaped the Colts with Bob Irsay and then there were talks of New Stadium back in late 70s and Shaffer rejected the proposal instead he wanted use that money to build harborplace. There were talks you might remember O’s play 20 games in DC and 60m games in Baltimore in 1980 season and 40 games in DC and 41 Games in Baltimore in 1981 season and eventuly Baltimore was gonna lose the O’s in 1984 to DC. And Then back in 1979 Irsay told Shaffer he wanted a new stadium then he told Irsay we just dont have the money to build one,,And Shaffer stalled all the time finaly Irsay had enough and moved the Colts to Indy. This all could been prevented if Marylanders would install a republican government. You see, All Democrats care about is collecting revinue for Public Education,Welfare and Tourism. Republicans care about promting Business and attrating employment. So its all these voters of Marylanmd that caused the Colts to move. And guess what? The Racing we all saw last year might be the last you see in Baltimore because of Democrats making them harder to return because they want the revinue.

  11. Ralph Says:

    Its funny to say but I would also advise everyone to prepare and plan the next several weeks. When the Ravens won the SuperBowl in 2000, if you weren’t already in town that night you weren’t able to get in as most roads were blocked off to keep too many people from coming into downtown. So get in town early and stay there ready for partying as we win another Super Bowl!!!

  12. joe of bel air Says:

    Hey Nestor, why don’t you leave my comment up instead of deleating it. You labor of love comment is a joke regarding the bus trips you put together. I bet you make at least $50 a head on these Raven trips.

  13. Franchise Says:

    Thank You Art Modell!!!!….Irsay Oil Drum via Mayflower Van the first weekend in February….Beat Texans on 1/15 first!!!

  14. charlie Says:

    amen. . . i remember well when we were on the outside looking in at the nfl. it was rough, really horrible. i’ll never take the purple for granted. . . which is not the same thin as saying that everything the ravens ever do is perfect. they should win big games, and i hope they do.

    but having an nfl team to follow is a 12-month-a-year joy and having one only as a memory was 12-months-a-year of torture.

    we are indeed lucky. thanks, nestor, for reminding us of that.


    p.s. interesting matchup w/houston, which in some ways is the nfl city we have the most in common with, in terms of fan experience. they also had to watch as the national media gave a collective yawn about how their team got ripped away; about how they were put on the shelf by a corrupt league trying to get back into los angeles and cater to its corrupt owners; until their undeniable fervor, money, and stadium offer burst down the barriers. oiler fans were passionate and fun, and they are the same folks who now root for the texans, plus a younger generation.

    not identical to the colt-raven saga, but has its similarities. heck, nestor, you even used to be a fan of big blue!

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