Do you know how lucky we are to have the Ravens?

January 06, 2012 | Nestor Aparicio

savored, enjoyed and tasted for as long and as good as it gets.

And if any of you are out there bashing Joe Flacco or fretting the outcomes of any of the other AFC playoff games, shame on you.

The most surprising element of this whole run is how under-appreciated Flacco is in Baltimore. He’s not flashy, glib or even particularly attractive these days (sorta like my Fu) but he gets the job done.
Four years. Four playoff appearances.
Four years. He hasn’t missed a snap.
Four years and we’re playing a home playoff game after a bye.
The whiny part of the fan base should find a new enemy — maybe the team that’s coming in here next weekend, Houston, Denver or Pittsburgh — would be a better target.
Pittsburgh? Houston? Denver? I’m interested in watching the games this weekend but I have no particular rooting interest but the notion of eliminating the Steelers in Baltimore has a certain deliciousness to it that I can’t deny that it wouldn’t be more fun than beating the Texans.

I’m busy putting together parties & roadtrips, which has gotten to be an annual undertaking and labor of love for our crew at And we’re spoiled, too, getting to talk about the perennial winning ways of the Ravens and continue the credo: “In Ozzie We Trust.”

So, while I have buses pointed toward New England two weeks from now and roadtrips and massive parties ready to go for Indianapolis for the Super Bowl, I just thought I’d throw you a reminder of how fortunate we are in the Land of Pleasant Living.
I always remember to stop and smell the roses in Januarys when the Ravens are playing.
And it’s probably because I realize spring training is right around the corner. Pitchers and catchers report in five weeks.
Where will you be standing for the parade on Feb. 8th?