Ed Reed’s Suspension is Fair

November 20, 2012 | WNST Staff

After the Ed Reed suspension came down, Facebook, Twitter and any other social media entity blew up by Ravens fans outraged by the ruling by the NFL. The argument is he had no malicious intent in his current “illegal” Ed Reed Suspensionhit against Steelers Wide Receiver, Emmanuel Sanders, on Sunday Night’s victory. Players like the Ravens Middle Linebacker, Jameel McClain expressed, “I don’t know what we are supposed to do.”

Now most think this suspension should be overruled, but I am not one of them. The league made a point several years ago, singling out hated foe, James Harrison, for his launching technique to make a “big hit.” This was the precedent for Reed’s suspension, which most people seem to forget. The NFL does not want any player leading with their head.

And that is where Reed has had issues the past several seasons. The tackle on Sanders is a prime example of that; as Reed’s head was down trying to knock the ball out. Not once do you see him wrapping his arms around the ball carrier, trying to form tackle; a technique taught from the inception of any player’s football career. There is no excuse for not knowing how properly to form tackle, wrap up, with your facemask in a players chest; a lesson we learn at 6-8 years old.

So in the end, Ed will be sitting out Sunday versus the Chargers and it is completely his fault. The NFL is trying to not only protect the defenseless ball carriers in this situation, but the defenders as well. Leaving your head down when running into a 200+ lb. man is not safe, and can cause serious neck injuries. Reed should know something about that and hopefully from now uses his head on the field; just not as a weapon.