Enough With Mike Singletary

January 03, 2008 |

I’ve heard all that I can stand to hear about how Mike Singletary would be a good head coach. My question is, why would he make a good head coach?

Is it because of his coaching experience at either the college or NFL level? Let’s examine that. In 2002, Singletary was passed over as the Baylor head coach because he had never been either an assistant or head coach, anywhere. A year later, Singletary became the linebacker’s coach for the Baltimore Ravens. He was the linebacker’s coach for two years before moving on to the San Francisco 49ers to become the assistant head coach and the linebacker’s coach.

Is Mike Singletary the hot choice because he’s the African-American pick of the day? I understand NFL policy states you have to interview an African-American candidate, but aren’t there more qualified African-American candidates?

What is Mike Singletary in charge of in San Francisco? Quickly, who’s the linebacker’s coach in Baltimore? I’m really interested to find out why Mike Singletary’s name keeps coming up. I’ve heard about how good he was with players, and how inspiring he was. Maybe that’s correct, but at the end of the day, you have to be able to coach. What is in Singletary’s resume that suggests he can do that?