Escaping KC with a W

October 10, 2012 | Marty Mossa

Well to answer my last blog “Play Down to KC or Play Like a Raven, I think it was quite obvious. The purple birds went into the land of red and played down to their competition. The game performance after ten days rest was totally inexcusable. They say that good teams are those that play poorly and still win. Well they played poorly, and escaped from Kansas City with a W. A W’s a W’s a W. I’ll take it. But they won’t get away with that kind of performance too often.

Sunday was the first time since November 22, 2009 that the Ravens hadn’t scored a touchdown. They lost that game to Peyton Manning and the Colts. They beat the 49’ers in 2007 without scoring a TD 9-7. If the Ravens think they can play this way again Dallas on Sunday, and then again against Houston a week later; they’ll go into the bye at 5-3. They need to take care of business, get to Romo, and put points on the board. From my perspective, the Ravens need to split the next two and go into the bye at 5-2.

If this team wants to go to the Super Bowl this year; they better get a pass rush, stop the run, and be more consistent on offense. Joe has to have “good” game after “good” game, not just one here or there. It’s about time this team stands up and plays up for every team; not just the Patriots, Bengals and Steelers.