Facts and Opinions

July 17, 2009 | Keith Melchior

Fact – Tiger Woods missed the cut in a major golf tournament  for only the 2nd time in his career.

Opinion – Like him or not, Tiger is probably the greatest golfer in the history of the game.

Fact – The Orioles are 40-48 and in last place in the AL East. Their next 9 games are on the road in Chicago, New York, and Boston.

Opinion – If they win 3 of those 9 games they’ll be lucky

Fact – After a 4 day break for the All-Star game, Dave Trembley decides to start Jason Berken tonight against the ChiSox. Berken hasn’t won since his initial start.

Opinion – With the team struggling and needing to start the 2nd half with a road win, why not start Bergesen after his normal 4 days rest. Great way to start a road trip against a good team, Dave Trembley.

Fact – With a record of 40-48, the Orioles need to go 41-33 to finish at .500

Opinion – I sure don’t know where those 41 wins are going to come from.

Fact –  Terrell Suggs signed a 63 million dollar six year contract this week.

Opinion – Knowing Suggs would have demanded a bigger salary figure, I would have kept Bart Scott and let Suggs go and have that extra cash available for any future needs. His play last season wasn’t worth 63 million.

Fact – Derrick Mason announced his retirement earlier this week, although he hasn’t filed papers yet.

Opinion – If he is serious, then thanks for 4 grest years Derrick. Ravens need to act and act quickly since camp is 2 weeks away. If he is using this as a way to get a renegotiation of his salary, then call his bluff and present him with the papers and let him go.

Fact – The Ravens, or any other team in the NFL for that matter, cannot afford to have more than 4 or 5 high paid players on the team and have extra money around to pick up top notch free agent talent.

Opinion – With Hiloti Ngata and a few others next on the Ravens free agent list, they will either have to renegotiate some salaries in order to free up money or else go through another purge like they did in 2002.

Fact – The All-Star Home Run Derby lasted almost 3 hours.

Opinion – Why not use a jugs pitching machine, set the speed to 50mph, set the machine to  aim the ball right down the middle of the plate and eliminate the need for the batting practice pitchers.  These guys took way way way too many pitches and made the whole thing boring with a capital B.

Fact – The league that wins the All-Star game gives home field advantage to the team that makes it to the World Series.

Opinion – This whole idea is total CRAP!!  EVERY other pro sport bases home field on the won-loss record. Theoretically, if the Dodgers finish with 110 wins and the Red Sox with 90, the Red Sox get to play 4 in Fenway and the Dodgers get NOTHING for having the most wins in the entire league. And the whole idea that a wild card team can’t play another team in it’s division in round 1 is also CRAP. Best record versus worst record regardless of what division they are part of, PERIOD.

Fact – Dave Trembley showed some fire last week when he got ejected.

Opinion – Because of his outburst, people jumped all over his bandwagon and are saying how good he is as a manager and how he reminded them of Earl Weaver.  We’ll see how long those folks stay on that Trembley bandwagon. Face it people, Trembley is NOT a good manager at all. He has a very good core of players on this team and could win IF he was a decent manager. One outburst doesn’t mean he is a good manager. I’d be willing to wager Trembley probably couldn’t win if he had the Red Sox to manage. 

Fact – Ravens training camp opens in about 2 weeks

Opinion – I am really not ready to have summer end already and training camp means summer is almost over.