Fantasy Flavor – Live Game Chat – Tonight 8pm

September 09, 2010 | Thyrl Nelson

Just another quick reminder, I’m hoping you’ll join us for the official start of football season in our live interactive chat room. I’ll be there dispensing fantasy advice along with a host of the other usual WNST suspects, plus we’ll have live updates from over 100 twitter feeds from fantasy gurus, to NFL analysts to NFL players, it should be a blast.

The room will open at 8 pm, just in case you’re looking for last minute start/sit advice before kickoff and will run through gametime. Hope to see you there. Click the link below to get there.

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Here’s Where I’m Playing Right Now.



Gridiron Challenge at ESPN is a salary cap football game that allows you to change your entire lineup from week to week if you deem it necessary. Join my group.



ESPN’s Streak for the Cash is the safest way to gamble on the web. Compile the longest monthly winning streak for a chance at $25,000. Join My Group.

MLB’s Beat the Streak challenges you to pick one hitter per day and make a run at Joe DiMaggio’s all-time hitting streak for $3,000,000.  Also links to Beat the Homerun Streak and MLB Survivor. Join My Group.