Forgive Me, Jay-Z…

January 14, 2008 |

Today’s the day. I made a bet with the Fighting Ungers last week on the Giants/Cowboys game. The bet was as follows: If the Cowboys win, The Ungers would have to play hip-hop, say, “The Fighting Ungers brought to you by Rob Long, who knows more about the NFL than I do,” and read a Black History moment during the month of February.

I the Cowboys lose, I have to play classic rock, say, “The Rob Long Show brought to you by Coors Light and the Fighting Ungers who know more about the NFL than I do.”

So, here we go. The Cowboys lost and I will live up to my end of the deal. I have to play it, and I will have fun with it. It’s radio, and I’m talking sports, who can I not have fun?

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