Friday thoughts: NBA All-Star Game, NASCAR and … chocolates

February 13, 2009 |

For whatever reason, I don’t have as much interest in the NBA All-Star Game as I used to. It’s probably because I’m getting old, or maybe it’s because there is so much more to watch on TV. I’m thinking that’s probably it. I mean come on, watching the Wizards against the Bucks, when you could be watching Bret Michael’s “Rock of Love”?

The Saturday before the All-Star Game was always better. The 3-point shootout and the slam-dunk contest. Michael Jordan slamming it from the foul line, Spud Webb getting above the rim for a dunk and J.R. Rider going under his legs to put one home. It’s a lot more exciting than 10 guys not playing defense.

Why are we still reading about Brett Favre? He is the second story on as I type this. He was great, but I’m glad he is retiring. Now we get to look forward to his day in Canton. A dollar says he cries.

The Falcons want to trade Michael Vick. This is the perfect place to insert a bad joke, but I won’t even go there. It’s Friday, and I will spare you. I’ll just say keep him out of Cleveland. We don’t need him anywhere near the “Dawg Pound.”

Yeah baby!!! NASCAR starts this weekend. The Daytona 500. I’ll be honest with you. I’m a casual NASCAR fan. I always rooted for Jeff Gordon just because all of the rednecks hated him. If you don’t like NASCAR, do me a favor and just watch the last 50 laps. There will be 20 cars going almost 200 mph. It gets pretty exciting.

Guys, don’t forget that tomorrow is Valentine’s Day. It falls on a Saturday this year, so there is no excuse. Take your honey out to dinner, dancing or a movie. Don’t forget to buy her some chocolates, but you have to make sure that it’s the kind of chocolates that you like. None of that mixed chocolate crap, where you bite into a piece of chocolate and it has some nasty orange cream or coffee-tasting stuff in it.

I saw that yesterday was Arsenio Hall’s 54th birthday. Man, we are getting old. What was better than the “Arsenio Hall Show”?