Get Over Yourself Brett Favre

May 05, 2009 |




I will probably be crucified for my stinging criticism of the “icon” but someone has to lay it on the line for the sake of every NFL fan.  I don’t know Brett Favre personally but I think he has to be a terrible person.  He held the Green Bay Packers hostage for several seasons with his yearly will he, won’t he, retirement soap opera.  It is even more sickening that he tried to throw the entire Green Bay Packers organization under the bus last year in forcing his trade to the Jets.  Favre was clearly in the wrong, he knew it, they knew it, and we knew it.  He had no business blaming the Packers for moving on without him when he clearly told them he was retired all the way up until a month before training camp. 



The guy is just plain bad news.  He is a malcontent who cries and whines when he doesn’t get his way.  If you don’t believe me just look at some of the comments from his former Jets teammates and see what they had to say about him after only having to deal with his act for a season.   Somehow the fact that Favre was a pill popping junkie during two of his best years ’95 and ’96 (years in which he won the MVP) escapes everyone’s memory.  He “voluntarily” entered himself into the NFL’s substance abuse program because he suffered a seizure from an overdose.  No wonder the guy never missed a game he was so hopped up on pain medicine he didn’t feel anything.  There is no telling what other illegal substances he was doing that he didn’t admit to using.



Brett Favre is among that certain breed of today’s athlete who don’t know how to handle not being the center of attention.  The problem is people like T.O. and Chad OchoCinco are vilified while he is held up on some sort of pedestal.  Favre is actually worse because he is a phony and a cheat.  I am not really sure how America has been duped into thinking he is the best quarterback ever.  The only guess I have is the fact that John Madden couldn’t stop kissing his you know what all the time and therefore people fell in love with him as much as Madden had. 



Favre was a good quarterback but he certainly wasn’t one of the greats.  Let’s take a look at Favre under a microscope for a minute.  I already covered two of his MVP awards and the scandal surrounding them so let’s address “his” only Super Bowl victory.  Favre was a pedestrian 14/27 with 246 yards and 2 touchdowns.  These numbers aren’t horrible but they don’t live up to his superhuman persona, the real heroes for that Packer squad were their defense and special teams.  Desmond Howard actually had more to do with the Packers winning their lone championship with Favre under center than Favre.  Favre was more like his gun slinging self during the next Super Bowl going 25/42 for 256 yards, 3 touchdowns and of course his forte one interception (28 career postseason interceptions), and coincidentally the Packers lost the game. 



I know by now many of you probably hate me for bringing this up but just look at his numbers and you will see he wasn’t all that great.  Sure he has the most passing yards, touchdowns, and completions, but he also has the most attempts, interceptions, and fumbles.  If you can think of a stat record Brett Favre owns it whether it is positive or negative because quite frankly he has played more games than anyone else at the position.  Is that really a sign of greatness or a sign of longevity?



Favre isn’t happy unless he is chucking the rock forty times a game.  The main problem with Favre as a player is that he is just as likely to lose a game for you by throwing horrible interceptions as he is likely to win a game for you.  At this stage of his career his quarterback mentality has to be in question because he can’t be Brett Favre anymore.  I don’t think he would admit to that certainty but if you were to ask Jets fans I am sure they would corroborate that story. 



The fact that Favre is still a daily news topic bothers me almost as much as the fact that he only wants to sign with the Vikings because he is vindictive and spiteful.  He only wants his opportunity to show the Packers that he is the greatest and that they made a mistake by not doing whatever he wanted of them.  Get over yourself Brett and try to salvage what is left of your dignity before you further tarnish your unrighteously earned pristine public image.