Get prepared for the summer of the NFL S**tstorm because it has arrived

March 14, 2011 | Nestor Aparicio

folks in this entire endeavor. Their trust has been put squarely on DeMaurice Smith, who looks like a war-mongerer to me.

Early on I thought owners would NEVER throw individual players under a bus but if you follow @JimIrsay on Twitter, it appears there’s a new kind of owner out there with a voice and they don’t need a local newspaper reporter to get their version of the brawl made public.

Roger Goodell issues his statements on Twitter and millions get his unfiltered message. All of his honchos have similar capabilities and voices. Ditto for DeMaurice Smith and all his king’s men and players like Jeff Saturday, Tom Brady and Drew Brees, who have sat in the cockpit for the Pearl Harboring of the fans of the league with the decertification papers on Friday night.

And thus far everyone has had loose lips and wants to weigh in on their side of the brawl, if not for P.R. sake then just to be another narcissist on the internet who wants their story told and their opinions and beliefs heard. It’s what makes America great and awful all at the same time.

But the players are already crushing the owners with all sorts of allegations of inappropriate uses of money and nepotism without realizing the owners can spend their money any way they want. They own the team. Steve Bisciotti worked 20 hours a day for 40 years for the right to have the kind of money — $550 million in cold cash, to be exact – to be the boss of the Ravens and has been a great steward in our community and the antithesis of what his contemporary has down across the street.

Steve Bisciotti has earned the right to make money and cares far more about “the greater good” and now as a 42-year old thinking man I understand these issues with far more clarity than I did in the summer of 1994 when I was doing radio during the MLB Armageddon and meltdown.

Just take baseball’s now 37-year war amongst the players and the owners, which has made the game far more profitable for those inside the gold-plated gates and far less fun for anyone who is a fan. Just the notion of the New York Yankees and Kansas City Royals playing a competitive game given their payrolls is ridiculous. But as fans, we’re suckers