Get prepared for the summer of the NFL S**tstorm because it has arrived

March 14, 2011 | Nestor Aparicio

about the prospects of my last paragraph.

There will be a lot of hard lessons learned here over the next few months.

We’ll have a draft next month that will be part macabre, part funereal and if my guess is right the NFLPA will turn it into a circus of accusations, lies, truths, words and ultimately the players don’t care so much about being popular because they know the fans will turn out to cheer and get their autographs once this brawl is over and football resumes. They’re all short-term. Again, not a cheap shot, just the way it is.

Meanwhile, the owners are concerned about the long-term viability and feasibility of their league if costs run of out control.

Because, let’s face it. There’s only so much money.

The NFL has gang-tackled the union all over the internet since Friday. Honestly, I’m not sure most fans have read most of it.

And the whole “trust” factor is so overwrought, overplayed and rings of false currency. The only currency here that matters is money. Who gets the most. Period!

Who do WE as fans trust? Honestly? Neither side…

They’re playing with our money and as I get older as a person who has dedicated his entire existence – everything I’ve ever done professionally has been involving sports and my community of Baltimore – I’m honestly more appalled than I’ve ever been because the league and the players are so flush with love, cash, loyalty, pride and fans and municipalities are so addicted to the opiate that we’re all impervious to imagining a life on Sundays where we don’t go to football games.

And how about those “journalists” at The Sun yesterday? A cover story on the Sunday paper about how the Ravens and the NFL will be screwing Baltimore and local businesses like Mother’s if they don’t play this fall.

I’m still wondering how they’ve managed to grant a 13-year “hall pass” for a guy like Peter Angelos, who has unilaterally destroyed the economic base of the city six months a year by destroying the Orioles franchise and milking the financial cow of our cable television bill and no one on Calvert Street has publicly said a word.

And now the NFL and its gang has been brought before the court of public opinion and journalistic institutions with a work stoppage that smacks of greed, avarice and the P.R. machine on both sides holding their noses and pointing at the other side while speaking of “appreciation of the fans.”

It’s garbage.

And it’s disgraceful.

But that said, I hope you remain a football fan and baseball fan because this is the way I feed my family and the way all of us at WNST feed our families.

And it’s even more of a bummer with no local interests at all in a 68-team NCAA March Madness field as I wake up “pool-less” and disinterested for the most.

I’ve said enough. For now, anyway…

You can tell me what you think below…