January 17, 2008 |

So, a good friend of mine and lifelong STEELER fan called me today. He told me how stupid Jason Garrett is. He said “I am not a Ravens fan, but you have to say they are a well run, first class organization.” Which got me thinking….I know maybe my first issue…but…

So Jason Garrett wants to be the head coach in Dallas…I have no issue with it. Good luck to him!  HE better pray the the Cowboys don’t win the SuperBowl next season. HE better hope that Romo’s hand is not a cronic issue. HE better keep  Marion Barber and Jason Whitten healthy.

So my question is…has our owner taken this from a well run, first class organization to a big WARNING SIGN. Did the way he fired Billick shake the club to its core? Is the fact that the players seem to have so much say in what the owner does, make any potential coach leery? Does the fact that OZZIE, seemed to not be on board with the firing, make him insignificant in the hirering process?

Do potential candidates look here and say…what if the OWNER wakes up one morning and decides he does not want me as the coach?

Did this organization go from first to worst on a gut feeling?

Scares me!