Head Hunters Have To Go

October 19, 2010 | Tom Federline

There is tackling and then there is intent to impair. There are violent tackles and then there are career threatening head shots. The latter of the two must be stopped. Harsh penalties must be imposed for the deliberate head shot, i.e. this rocknut – Meriweather, from the Patriots and his hit on Heap this past weekend. Football is a violent game and it is infused by the use of steroids and public acceptance of “devastating” hits. Some of the greedy sports media even promotes it, with mind numbing segments like – Top Ten Hits of the Weekend. You cannot “fine” these rocknuts – they do not care – they are making hundreds of thousands/millions of dollars per game and year. It’s a tough sport and should be played as such. Go heavy penalty early. No more fines – just sit ’em.

The days of “getting your bell rung” are over. Put over-sized, over-weight, muscle bound, steroid ingesting, boys/men on a field with armor, tell them, “separate ball from opposing team”, we will pay you beyond your wildest dreams…… and guess what…….people are going to get hurt. Now-a-days you have human bodies formed and molded into projected missiles. These boys know what they have signed up for. It is their choice to play a violent game and get paid exuberantly for the “risk/reward.” The problem exists when you have these mindless acts of intent to damage. It can be a fine line and may be a tough call at times but for the most part, even the untrained eye can detect the difference of a hard tackle vs. a cheap shot.

It appears the NFL will be announcing shortly, the ruling of “suspensions” rather than “fines”. Hit the rocknut where it hurts and hit the team where it hurts. No paycheck that week and the team loses a player. Potential beginning of a deterrent. But how about these suggestions:

1. Take away the steroids – (impossible). Get rid of the juice and these over-sized crazed human projectiles may remember technique versus crush and destroy. Reality – juice ain’t going away – juice equals money, money – pays off the testing labs.

2. Take away the modern armour – (possible). Get rid of the air-filled helmets, flack jackets and body suits of steel. Put them back in Styrofoam pads and rubber helmets or the ones with one face guard. Let’s see how long these boys last with equipment from the 50′ and 60’s. Uh-oh, there’s the “old school” coming out. Yeah, I know….”The athletes these days are bigger, faster, stronger.  They need more protection.”   

3. Take away the money – (impossible). The general public should stop feeding the machine – wel that is just is not going to happen. The multi-billion dollar football industry feeds off the meek……………and television contracts. Reduce the demand people – (yeah right). Although, if and when greed comes into play with this potential work stoppage next year……the NFL may take a hit.

Ok, so we take away the “juice”, we take away modern day equipment, we take away the money, what do we have? RUGBY!

I like a decent legal hit as much as the next fan. I do not like the “cheap shot”. I find myself wishing retaliation on the “cheap shot” artist and that shouldn’t be. I was not a Jack Tatum fan. I was a Mike Singletary fan. It is a violent game. Money has taken it’s hold. And big hits equal big money. The bigger, stronger, faster mentality will reach a tipping point. It is close. But for now, just simply eliminate the “dirty rocknuts”.

“Hit Me With Your Best Shot” – (Pat Benatar), just make sure it doesn’t involve a “lead with helmet/head down/intent to injure.”