Here’s something new….My Weekend 15-7-0

October 26, 2008 | Glenn Clark

Here’s how it works. At the end of every weekend; I’ll give you 15 athletes/people/games/things/etc. and deserve “props”. Since 7 is a “Lucky” number; I’ll give you 7 who were lucky this weekend. And I’ll finish with someone who was an absolute ZERO. Get it? 15-7-0? I thought you would. And we don’t count Baltimore Ravens……..they get their own Tuesday Top 7.

Let’s start with the props for 15…..

1. Da’Rel Scott

THIS was the Da’Rel Scott we saw the first two weeks of the season. THIS was the RB whose explosiveness made many of us think he was on his way to a 1,000 yard season. 23 rushes, 163 yards and a Touchdown helped the back lead Maryland past a feisty NC State team. Hopefully his injury will not cause him to miss significant time.

2. Jimmy Rollins and Ryan Howard

Talk about showing up right when your team needs it. Howard doesn’t go deep at all during the first 2 rounds and 2 games of the playoffs; then connects on back to back nights. Rollins can’t buy a hit in Games 1 and 2; then IMMEDIATELY changes fortune in his first AB in Philadelphia; then comes around to score. This is why Rollins is a former MVP; and Howard will likely be a current one.

3. Davonte Farrell

The Perry Hall QB threw for 3 TD’s and ran for another as the Gators bounced back from two heartbreaking losses to get back to winning ways against rival Parkville. And when the QB from my alma mater accounts for 4 touchdowns; he’s going to make my list. Deal with it.

4. Sean Mosley

The numbers from Saturday’s scrimmage say 12 points, 5 boards, 6 assists, and 4 turnovers. But numbers can’t reflect hope. He does not have the shooting ability of Juan Dixon, but he will be Maryland’s most significant Baltimore import since Dixon. He looks like he should be starting right away; maybe in the same backcourt as Hayes/Bowie and Vasquez. His instincts and basketball IQ are remarkable. We are going to enjoy watching this kid in College Park.

5. Pat Devlin

When you haven’t won in Columbus in 30 years; and your team is desperate to get something going to keep their BCS title hopes alive…….how would you feel as a backup QB pressed into duty? If you’re Penn State QB Pat Devlin; you calmly execute 2 fourth quarter scoring drives and leave your Nittany Lions with nothing but games they’ll be favored to win between now and a potential trip to Miami.

6. Ricky Dobbs

Some fans and members of the media were calling for Ken Niumatalolo to make the move to Dobbs ahead of Jarod Bryant after Bryant’s struggles in last week’s loss to Pitt. The Georgia native will be the starter for sure next season after Bryant and fellow senior Kaipo-Noa Kaheaku-Enhada graduate; but he might get the chance even before then. Dobbs came in Saturday for an injured Bryant and amassed 224 yards on the ground and 4 TD’s as the Mids blew out SMU 34-7 to get their 5th win. Did I mention that for the 1st time in the 60 or so years that they’ve kept the statistics; this is believed to be the first time Navy went an entire game without throwing a pass?

7. Drew Brees

So much for San Diego proving to be the team that would get back on track in London and avoid falling to 3-5. The Saints are back at .500 thanks to 300+ yards passing and 3 TD’s from Brees. Brees’ pretty TD strike to Lance Moore will be the highlight; but getting Marques Colston back into the offense might have been just as important for the Saints’ offense.

8. Brian Westbrook

Seeing as how the Giants, Cowboys, and Redskins were all ALSO winners; it was vital that the Eagles didn’t allow the Falcons to continue their hot streak on Broad Street. Brian Westbrook again lead the way for the Iggles; with 200+ all-purpose yards offensively and a pair of TD’s. The NFC East is going to be TOUGH.

9. Al Groh

I can’t help but notice how few updates there have been to recently. This guy has gone from being one game away from firing to being a leader going to the turn in the race for ACC Coach of the Year. I can’t downplay to everyone how much turmoil this program faced just a few weeks ago before the Terps came to town. This was seriously a MESS. But after three straight home wins; the Cavs have now done the unthinkable in this league and won on the road at a VERY GOOD Georgia Tech team. The Hoos control their destiny in the Coastal Division; could you imagine a rematch with Maryland in Tampa?

10. Graham Harrell

You can’t say Texas Tech hasn’t beaten anyone anymore. Not only did the Raiders beat the defending Orange Bowl Champion Jayhawks in Lawrence; but they did it in convincing 63-21 fashion. All Harrell did is rack up 386 yards and 5 TD’s through the air. The Raiders will need a similar effort next week against the Longhorns if they want to stay in the BCS title picture.

11. Alonzo Lee

I have no idea if Alonzo Lee is a hot commodity in FCS Coaching or not; but I DO know that the Morgan State defense he coordinates forced FOUR turnovers Saturday in a Homecoming win over Delaware State; and allowed just three points for the second time in 3 weeks (all Morgan wins). The Bears are now 5-3; and are doing a little bit more than just sitting back and watching Devan James run.

12. Jimmie Johnson

I have absolutely no idea how you can lose a race to your closest competitor but yeah somehow extend your lead in a points race and inch closer to your third consecutive title; but maybe it’s just a sign of how good Jimmie Johnson is. Double J probably won’t even need to wait to Miami to clinch the Sprint Cup title; as while Carl Edwards was doing backflips after taking the checkered flag in Atlanta; Johnson stretched his lead to 183 points following a 2nd place finish. There are just 3 races remaining in NASCAR’s “Chase” to the Cup; and almost no drama.

13. Tostitos “Hint of Lime” Chips

Have you had them yet? They’re better than any chip I’ve EVER HAD. We devoured a bag watching Game 3 of the World Series Saturday night; so I had to go back for another bag Sunday since I decided to watch the Ravens at home. I seriously might never eat another chip. Goes very well with a Miller Chill I might add.

14. Ian Eagle in the Booth

“It’s October, which means there’s no baseball at Camden Yards. Sorry Orioles fans. Not a low blow, just a fact.”


15. Iron Man on DVD

Maybe this is blasphemy; but I actually didn’t even turn on World Series Game 4 until later because I am currently trying to convince my girlfriend that we should be Tony Stark and Pepper Potts for Halloween. When I discovered she was yet to see Iron Man; I decided that we could tune in late and she could get a lesson on the greatness of Robert Downey Jr. Now she just has to dye her hair red……

The Lucky 7’s were…….

1. The James Madison Dukes…..

Please take a look at THIS….

I don’t think I need to explain any further.

2. (Ugh). The Skins

This team AGAIN plays less than inspired football against a terrible opponent; but at least they didn’t suffer another embarrassing loss. The Skins will have to get back to the way they were playing a month ago if they really think they can win the NFC East. 25-17 wins over teams like the Lions don’t make me think Super Bowl Championship.

3. Florida State

Trailing 13-10 at the half; Florida State was in danger of dropping a CRUCIAL home game to Virginia Tech and falling out of a tie for 1st in the Atlantic. But injuries to Tyrod Taylor AND Sean Glennon left the Hokies reeling, and helped the ‘Noles maintain control of their own destiny.

4. Anderson Silva

He DID win the fight. He DID retain his title. He DIDN’T appear to be in any REAL trouble. But for a man that has been an absolute destruction machine since moving to UFC; getting a TKO in the 3rd due to Patrick Cote’s freak leg injury can’t be satisfying. Maybe the weight class experiment change this summer wasn’t the best idea.

5. Eli Manning and the Giants

In their first 3 trips to the redzone in Pittsburgh Sunday; the Giants came away with just 6 points. They trailed 14-9 going into the fourth against a team that was just trying to keep players on the field. But the Giants DID come away with a victory in Pittsburgh; thanks in part to James Harrison’s inability to snap a punt. And thanks to the fact that for some inexplicable reason; James Harrison was inserted as a long snapper.

6. Brett Favre and the Jets

I have no idea if there’s something wrong with Brett Favre; or if the Jets are just a bad team. But I do know that if you throw 3 picks; the 3rd of which is returned for a 4th quarter touchdown to put the Chiefs ahead; then you are lucky to come away with a 28-24 win over a very bad team.

7. Everyone who bet on Raven’s Pass

This is the type of bet that even after you win; you still wonder if you made the right bet. I was STUNNED to see that Curlin didn’t run away with the Breeder’s Cup Classic at Santa Anita; but I’m sure there were plenty of Californians who went home happy after putting money down on the longshot.

And this week’s complete zero?

Adam Loewen.

You don’t have to convince me of why ANYONE would want to get out of Baltimore as soon as possible. Trust me. But for Adam Loewen to turn his back on an organization that has given him multiple chances to live up to his #1 pick status is absolutely bogus. Maybe he’ll have the last laugh; but with HGH not as readily available these days; I do not see another Rick Ankiel story here. I think Loewen will fizzle in the Jays’ minor league system; which likely won’t be any different than what he would have done here.

So there you go. I’ll be back next Sunday with another one. And hopefully Drew won’t have jumped off a building when the Phillies clinch their first World Series title in 28 years.

Talk to you in the morning.