How hard is it to make a 32-yard FG?

January 22, 2012 | Drew Forrester


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  1. Franchise Says:


    Here’s what you failed to mention in your analysis:

    First, it was from the right hash mark and Cundiff once again over-compensated and hooked it real good!!!

    Second, it was a jail break trying to get the FG unit on and the offense off the field on 4th down….WHY??? There should have been no hesitation by Harbs to kick the FG to send into OT….The play clock was at 11 seconds before Cundiff was marking off his steps!!!….Was Harbs thinking that Bellichick was icing Cundiff with a timeout???…Harbs should have called a timeout to get the FG unit lined up properly.

    Third, the snap was high and Koch did an excellent job getting it down but were the laces completely turned in time???

    Fourth, because it was a rush for the line to get set, I think it caused Morgan’s snap to be rushed.


    Frustrated Franchise

  2. ColtsFan Says:

    Analysis? I lol’d. Seriously Drew, you should put your foot to a ball and actually see if you could make it.

    Also, although Cundiff shanked it, yes, the snap and hold were atrocious. Billy was set up for failure from the get-go.

    Plus, why should he have been in that situation? Lee Evans gets two hands on a ball in the end zone, and goes all limp-wrist when the D-man slaps him once? But even that can’t be placed only upon Lee’s head.

    The offense wasn’t producing early, and the D got fooled BIG TIME on a run from the Law Firm. They tied it quickly, yes, but they failed to capitalize on SO many opportunities. But then again, Tom Brady and that offense is tough, can’t blame the D either.

    Really, when you think about it…John Harbaugh said it best, “We lost as 53 men…” I’ve heard countless people say that “The Patriots didn’t win, the Ravens lost.” Well that’s a little BS isn’t it? Why, you ask? Six words: THE RAVENS NEVER HAD A LEAD. You can say that the Ravens lost and the Pats didn’t win if you blew a huge lead because the defense starts getting penalties etc. But when you never have a lead, you couldn’t win.

    Just my opinion. I was pulling for the Ravens. Yes, I’m a Colts fan…but I was a Ravens fan yesterday; home-town team, and all. And maybe stemming from my deep seated hatred for the Patriots.

    Here’s to next year boys,


    (DF: Never had a lead, huh? That’s weird. It was 17-16…and later, 20-16. It’s hard to take your ramblings seriously when you don’t even know that. What a doofus…)

  3. ColtsFan Says:

    I stand corrected. I forgot that the Ravens did have a brief lead in that game, 20-16 at one point. But still don’t believe that saying “…the Ravens lost, Pats didn’t win…” is true. Both teams played a hard game, and only one team can win.

    Ramblings Drew? Really? I’m not the doofus standing on the field claiming I can make a 32 yard field goal. If it’s that easy, Mr. Radio, why are you sitting behind mic and not playing professional football? (DF: You’re funny…like a lot of people who “chime in”, you want to be an expert, but can’t even get something right as simple as “they never had a lead”. Hilarious.)

  4. charlie Says:

    evidently, pretty hard with a game on the line.

  5. gweeto Says:

    Sadly to say,our season came to that point a VERY makeable field goal.
    Whereas a simple catch in the end zone SHOULD have been all it took.Terrible way to go out.I`ve preached for months that our guys can`t caqtch a cold when they have to.This is the NFL.which means not for long if you can`t catch.So pissed off.The game was won..

  6. gweeto Says:

    catch should`ve been sorry.

  7. NC REDSKINS Fan Says:

    Drew, I knew exactly what the Baltimore media would do to the Ravens PKer after he blew the 32 FG attempt but guess what, if you had paid attention to the REAL cause of the Ravens loss you would not ask such a stupid question.

    So let this REDSKINS fan explain how the Ravens really lost the game; your stupid QB named Joe Flacco who could not run 1 yard to get a first down when the field in front of him was wide open even a tractor trailer could have driven for a first down. Instead Flacco forced an incomplete pass that sadly set up the field goal attempt.

    So get off your PK’s back and jump instead on Flacco’s back why he could not run a simple 1 yard for a first down that could have allowed the Ravens to eat more clock and win the game.

  8. Colin Says:

    Whys everyone making excuses for billy here? He missed a 32 yarder.

  9. tsnamm Says:

    Kickers only have 1 job to do when they come in and that’s kick…if they blow it everybody elses efforts are for naught.That’s why kickers are separate from the rest of the team. We were in a position to win the game and then to continue it and they both fell flat due to lack of execution. One thing I don’t understand is the sub par special teams play, when the head coach was an ex special teams coordinator…I would think Harbs would have his hands on to help correct the problem. (Maybe he did and this is all we got? I certainly hope not.) Now we have to listen to 2 weeks of 2007 rematch, and NY vs. Boston…ughhhh. Nauseating…

  10. unitastoberry Says:

    Stan Stamenkovic would have nailed it from 32!

  11. The "Armchair QB" Says:

    While it’s more of a “chip shot” than a “gimmee”, it’s still not…..automatic! That being said, the fact that the head coach chose to not use his last time out to allow the field goal unit to gain composure for such an important kick, only confirms my conviction that he’s just not very good at game day decisions. What’s he saving that extra time out for…….next year!

  12. Cliff Says:

    Remember Al DeGreco? Came into 2000 season with Tennessee as one of the NFL’s top placekickers. Could have beat the upstart Ravens with a short field goal in the waning seconds; Instead, missed it and the result was the first Titan loss at Adelphi Stadium. The Ravens kept on winning from there until they were Super Bowl champions.
    Because …..
    One of the Raven’s wins was a playoff game against the Titans and guess who had another bad day at Adelphi?

    Al DeGreco didn’t do any more kicking for the Titans after that game.

    You can hear the Raven’s player discussing him on the Super Bowl tape/DVD from that year. They almost felt sorry for him, it seems.

  13. Cliff Says:

    See? Anyone can miss a short one.

    It’s Al Del Greco. not “DeGreco”

    That’s why I have erasers on all my lead pencils.

  14. ColtsFan Says:

    So now I’ll be censored. Nice move Drew, can’t stand a little heat there boyo? When are you gonna make that easy field goal? (DF: Who censored you? Every time you’ve posted something, it’s gone up. And I made a 34-yarder today in the rain and the fog at Parkville HS. At least I think it went through. LOL.)

  15. Groucho Says:

    NOT calling a timeout and RUSHING the kicking TEAM on the field was the mistake of the year! I’m sorry but that LOSS in NOT on CUNDIFF but on the Coaching staff! BONE HEAD, NO CALL on the Ravens Coaching staff..This was probably the Biggest Kick of Cundiff’s career and then to bull rush the kicking team on the field… Your blew that one John Harbaugh and Coaches. And not one coach has manned up and said they were wrong and should have taken a time out…Cundiff shouldered all the blame..Yes, Billy you probably should have made it, but you were placed in the worst situation possible with the IDIOT coaching staff taking the last time out home with them on the plane! Kudo’s on taking the Heat Billy…No let’s pray that Bisciotti wants Joe to be able to play to his potential and fires Cameron. hey may ease the pain of the loss a little…

  16. Mike Says:

    Excuses, excuses, excuses! All the Ravens players and coaches brought their best game to Foxboro because that’s what professionals do. It wasn’t good enough to win, your D didn’t dominate, your offense could score enough points and your coaches were out coached ! Get over it, GO PATS!!!!!!

  17. Lowell Says:

    After a couple of days to grieve and review the end of the game, I’ve got to agree with Groucho and say that the coaching staff should have done everything they could to assure the best chances for a successful kick. You don’t leave a time out on the table when your kicking team is rushing to complete their most important task of the year–one that potentially decides if they go to the Superbowl or not. Yes, Billy get paid well to do one job, but with the scoreboard throwing a monkey wrench into his preparation, and the obvious rushing of the play, SOMEBODY should have called a time out. (And Drew, I’ve been on the M&T field and as a soccer player I tried to kick a field goal from less distance than 32 yards, and as I was surprised to learn– it’s NOT easy.)

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