How Will Baltimore Feel About This?

December 12, 2008 |

As you may know ESPN is going to show a replay of the 1958 NFL Championship game between the Colts and Giants on Saturday night. Tonight on the 11pm SportsCenter they showed a preview for the show. They show a colorized version of the game with people talking about it as it goes along. They have Raymond Berry, Pat Summerall and some other players who played in the game. They also have Mike Tirico talking to the guy who called the game in 1958. The part that may bother Baltimore is that they have some current NFL players and coaches that are also involved. The part they showed tonight had Steve Smith of the Giants but for the Colts they had Tony Dungee and Adam Vinitari. That seemed a little weird to me. I get that they are current members of the Colts but that team plays in Indianapolis now. Should they have gotten John Harbough or Matt Stover to represent Baltimore? I am interested to see how Baltimore football fans feel about this.