I Give Up… Almost

August 19, 2008 |

Alright. The e-mails have been pouring in and the phone calls have been steady.

Okay, in my business, both of those are REALLY good.

However, for some reason, most of you are of the opinion that Troy Smith is intriguing enough to be given the starting quarterback job.

Nevermind the fact that he hasn’t shown us anything, so far, let’s give the guy a chance. It can’t be any worst than Kyle Boller.

Yes it can, and it is. He is worst than Boller, but that’s my opinion. I’m done with trying to convince you.

So, here’s to hoping you get your wish. I hope Troy Smith is named the starting quarterback for the Baltimore Ravens. I hope that the players get what they want by getting their guy. I hope you all get what you want and Smith is “the guy.”

So, I’ll do all that I can to give my opinion about it, only when asked. I don’t want to be the guy who’s accussed of not being a Ravens’ fan.

Don’t get me wrong, when the time comes, I’ll give my opinion. I’m just not going to keep pushing my opinion on you. I’ll say it, only, when asked. I think…