I Hope He Fails Like the Last Coach!!!

January 15, 2008 |

I will be the first to admit, I don’t like the Jason Garrett hire, as it looks that this is going to happen. However, I host a sports talk radio show and coach women’s basketball. I don’t run an NFL team. Dick Cass and Ozzie Newsome have forgotten more about football than I’ll ever know.

I’m hoping that Garrett will fail!!!

Exactly. I’m hoping he will be here for about a decade, have a winning record, win a Super Bowl, win a couple of divisional titles and manage one of the classiest organizations in football.

Let’s be honest, if Garrett does that, we’ll all say he did a good job. Maybe even a great job. That’s what the last coach did, and many of us called him a failure.

If Garrett doesn’t live up to Billick’s awful record, what will that make him? Truthfully, I hope he, at least, fails the way Billick did. In fact, most coaches would love to have that type of failure.

So, as it seems Baltimore is preparing to welcome our new Head Coach, here’s wishing you the same type of failure, Jason Garrett. Let’s begin another era.