I Need Some Help With Something

September 05, 2008 |

I am wondering why Baltimore still can’t stand the Redskins. I get that after the Colts left that Baltimore fans had reason to hate the Redskins.

Whether it was Jack Kent Cooke keeping an expansion or existing team from moving here. The fact that the Redskins games were on every Sunday and they had a lot of media attention. The fact that they were winning Super Bowls and having winning seasons while Baltimore was left out in the cold.

So I understand it back then but things have changed since then. The Ravens have been here for 12 years. They have won a Super Bowl and overall have been much more competitive than the Redskins. They are not in the same division or conference. They only play once every few years.

Each team has their own local cable station to air their programming on. I am not saying you have to root for the Redskins or even acknowledge their existance but I don’t get all of the hatred that Baltimore still has for the Redskins after all of these years with a team.

The division rivals like the Steelers, Browns, and the Bengals make sense. The hatred of the Colts obviously makes sense but can someone please explain the Redskins to me.