I’m done with “HATING” on cities and teams, including Pittsburgh and the Steelers …..

January 24, 2011 |

Before I begin today’s blog, I would strongly encourage all readers to consider Drew Forrester’s submission, if you haven’t already done so.  In a unique way, I think my blog kinda dovetails on Drew’s message.  You can find his blog HERE

When yesterday’s AFC Championship game kicked off, I tried to develop an angst and spirited contempt for anything related to the Pittsburgh Steelers.  But, I couldn’t do it; not if I was being honest with myself …..

For the last week, I’ve been saying that I was “indifferent” toward this past weekend’s matchups, pitting the AFC and NFC’s standing competitors against each other, and the right to head to Dallas for Super Bowl 45. 

In truth, I was speaking from the heart and mind when I took my original stance.  And, trying to develop or manufacture a sense of “hatred” for any one team would be nothing more than choreographing a false set of feelings.

And, this is why I think today’s message is similarly tied to Drew’s …..

As Drew suggests that Baltimore’s football fans know more about the game than the Ravens management structure probably concedes, the blunt reality is that fans really don’t own a proportionate fraction of the insight and acumen possessed by John Harbaugh and his staff.

This is absolutely, positively GOSPEL.

So, as I read and listen to varying accounts of Baltimore’s football fans selling their HATRED for Pittsburgh and the Steelers, I’m inclined to ask, why?

Why do you HATE Pittsburgh?

Why do you HATE the Steelers?

Just as I think Drew paints a vivid picture of fans overreacting to an abrupt end of a football season, and their desire to see a man lose his job, I think the same representative group of fans overindulge in their passion to see the Ravens beat their divisional rival.

I get it – we want to beat Pittsburgh.  We want to see the Steelers walking off the field as losers in the playoffs.  We want to see the Ravens heading back to the Super Bowl.

But, do we really HATE that community and a team of players?

If you actually subscribe to such a mindset, and feeling of heart and soul, I must question your true comprehension of “HATE” …. or your humanity.