I’m done with “HATING” on cities and teams, including Pittsburgh and the Steelers …..

January 24, 2011 |

HATE is a powerful word, and it’s probably the single most significant reason our world consists of fractured relationships and dysfunction. 

HATE is the reason why a group of lunatics flew airplanes into skyscrapers, nearly a decade ago.

HATE spawns division among classes and it inspires violence.

I am not suggesting that HATE has no place in our lives.  I’m just saying that it has no rightful place in something so incidental as our sports culture.  After all, it’s just a football game …..

Do I possess HATE?  Absolutely.




But, there is absolutely no way I’m going to HATE another American city, or a group of men who play football for a living.  For me, it’s just not going to happen.

Yesterday, I watched both football games, because I love the sport and I like talking about it.  I possessed an indifference, due to my allegiance to the Baltimore Ravens.  It’s an allegiance I can’t just transfer over to the Pittsburgh Steelers or New York Jets.

I didn’t care who won.  I don’t root for either team.

The same feelings can be expressed for yesterday’s NFC game.

As for the Super Bowl, I’ll root for the Green Bay Packers.  I want to see Aaron Rodgers get a ring and I want to see the city of Green Bay experience something it hasn’t felt in 14 years. But, my heart isn’t necessarily attached to it.

I don’t hate the Steelers.  I reserve HATE for much more significant obstructions to our world and society.  And, football teams just don’t qualify.

Okay, you can say I strongly dislike the Steelers.  And, I absolutely like picking on their fans and some of Pittsburgh’s unique “qualities.”  But, that’s as far as it goes.

As a sports society, I think we’re all guilty of overreacting to the differences between winning and losing.  It causes fans to demand the firing of coaches.  And, it also causes fans to misinterpret their actual feelings toward the opposition.

But, do we really HATE another city and team?

Not me.