In a New York Minute…

September 05, 2008 |

Johnny Carson defined it as being the time it takes from when the traffic light turns green, till the guy behind you starts honking his horn.
What comes to my mind is Don Henley’s New York Minute song – how he tells the story of how everything can change thatquick.
In sports, just like in life, athletes don’t know when their New York Minute will happen. Just this week, Kyle Boller is placed on IR, Daunte Culpepper announces his retirement, and Joe Flacco is officially announced as the starting QB for Week 1.
On rare occasions, some athletes are fortunate enough to decide for themselves when their New York Minute will occur. Cal Ripken got to decide himself when his streak would end.
Meanwhile, sport fans, while they always will have something to cheer for, never know when their team will be the champion, if ever. Their New York Minute occurs when the time expires or the last out is made, and their team is officially the winner.
Sport fans need to remember what my Mom said, as we attended Game 2 of the 1983 World Series, and watched Mike Boddicker strike out Phillie after Phillie. Mom said something which would wind up to be Nostradamus-ian – “We need to enjoy this because we may never see it (the Orioles in the World Series) again in our lifetime”.
Enjoy whatever you do, right here and right now, because tomorrow, it could all change.
Sadly, the most tragic of New York Minutes happened today for the family and friends of 1983 World Series champion Todd Cruz. Say a prayer for his family and friends tonight.