Inexplicable decision bites Ravens in endgame

December 07, 2010 | Thyrl Nelson

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7. On a Ravens Report earlier in the season, Glenn Clark shared with me that Terrell Suggs likes to play in the black pants. He said that it makes Suggs feel sleeker, and that he really likes to wear all one color too. Given the way he’s played lately, the Ravens might want to consider dressing however Suggs wants them to dress.


8. Remember the off-season request that the Ravens made to the league before the 2009 season not to go to Pittsburgh in primetime? They stated at the time, fairly, that they had been sent there in primetime for years without balance. I seem to recall them at least hinting that in some way it was favorable to the Steelers to host the Ravens in primetime as it made for atypical preparation schedules.


Well the league not only complied, they sent Pittsburgh instead to Baltimore in primetime for two straight seasons. The result? A narrow 3-point win for the Ravens against a Dennis Dixon led Steelers team in overtime in ’09, and Sunday’s heartbreaking result. Apparently the competitive disadvantage hasn’t rattled the Steelers much.


9. The happiest guy in town at the moment is probably Greg Mattison, as it seems that the torch burners have turned their focus away from him for the time being, and directed it squarely at Cam Cameron.


I’ll begin by saying that I have a lot of respect for John Harbaugh in this regard, among others. He seems pretty secure in his role as a young, and certainly still learning head coach. It seems that one of the trends among NFL head coaches who haven’t been head coaches, or in many cases now, even coordinators, is to rid their staffs of coaches who have had head coaching experience, especially at the NFL level. To that end, Harbaugh has surrounded himself with guys who have been there, and done that, and probably picked up some valuable lessons along the way.


For those calling for Cameron’s head, mid-season, I doubt it. There are obviously a couple of good candidates on staff already that are more than capable of picking up the role. The question is whether or not they’d be able to change much at this point.


I wasn’t in love with the decision to bring in Cameron when he got here. He had issues with a few players in Miami, and more importantly in my eyes, kept handcuffs on both Drew Brees and Phillip Rivers for far to long. Some would argue that he’s doing the same with Flacco right now. The end result with the first two guys certainly seems worth the struggles for now. We’ll see if Flacco has as much upside as those two pretty soon I suppose.


10. Lastly, in the way of perspective, the Ravens with their newly tooled offense, have scored 260 points through 12 games so far, here are the point totals through 12 games for the rest of Ravens history (* indicates playoff season):


2010 – 260 pts

2009 – 271 pts *

2008 – 292 pts *

2007 – 206 pts Billick’s last season

2006 – 256 pts * Fassel fired mid-season

2005 – 161 pts

2004 – 236 pts Cavanaugh’s last season

2003 – 300 pts * Jamal’s 2000 yard season

2002 – 224 pts

2001 – 247 pts *

2000 – 218 pts *

1999 – 237 pts

1998 – 205 pts Marchibroda’s last season

1997 – 233 pts

1996 – 289 pts


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