Is Terrell Suggs the Muhammad Ali of Baltimore?

January 03, 2012 | Nestor Aparicio


Super Bowl trophy and ring in four weeks to give any of it any credence. But that sticking up for Joe Flacco and The Fu yesterday?

“Why don’t you like my quarterback?” is an instant classic!

And the Tebow 4th quarter “praying every week” line – that’s straight outta an Ali-Howard Cosell exchange. Brilliant work, No. 55!

Well, Sizzle you didn’t have me at “hello” but you’ve grown on me Big Boy.

Honestly, I like the guy you’ve become Terrell Suggs in 2012. You’re funny. You’re engaging. Sometimes you’re crass and sometimes you’re witty but you’re almost always assessing things with color, clarity and a focus on winning a championship. And as an Orioles fan, I’m glad the purple side of the freeway actually cares about winning for the city.

You’ve heard Ray Lewis say it a thousand times:

“Sizzle always gonna be Sizzle!”

And I don’t think that’s a bad thing and maybe it that’s a little of that Rex Ryan rubbing off on him.

If you haven’t seen the video exchange with that boob Skip Bayless, whose sports knowledge could fit in a thimble, it’s priceless.


This was part Ali, part Mike Tyson, part Rod Tidwell and part The Rock. Sizzle is almost like a WWE character at this point but the message is clear. As his future Hall of Fame teammate Ray Lewis once said:

“I like the bus I’m on going to the stadium.”

I love that quote and so do some members of my who always recite that line to me. So, it’s gotta little personal meaning as well, but you get the point.

Terrell Suggs has the back – if not The Fu – of his

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  1. Bobby Weaver Says:

    Nice article Nestor. I luvs me some Sizzle, and Skip Bayless is a complete buffoon.

  2. Dan Says:

    Suggs is a hell of a footballer but out of his league when trading quipps with Bayless and the crew at ESPN- He is entertaining though when he becomes part of their shtick. They get him to make some controversial comments. Makes the Ravens look stupid ,classless. Dan

  3. Jeff Says:

    Suggs is usually very entertaining but I think he should zip it on the Tebow religion rant, maybe some people are offended, afraid or whatever the problem they have with Tebow but at least his beliefs are real, true & he lives the part & has his whole life not like so many others who find religion when it is convenient or after they are in trouble.

  4. Franchise Says:

    Skip Bayless disrespected our FRANCHISE QB Joe Flacco and Suggs put him in his place.

    Thanks T-Sizzle!!!


    NFL Defensive Player of the Year

  5. Franchise Says:

    Bayless tried to compare Flacco with Tebow and Sizzle took major offense!

    Skip Bayless disrespected Flacco and the Ravens…Was Bayless serious or just stirring the pot with Sizzle??

    Where is Bayless from anyway???….What is his resume before coming to ESPN???



  6. John in Westminster Says:

    Baylass is no match for Sizzle! Skippy is probably still mad at us for the Ravens punkin’ the Boys during the last game at Cowboy Stadium. Did he really say Flacco and Tebow in the same breathe?!? Frankly, Baylass is not a very credible journalist. Nestor is right on with the term ‘windbag’.

  7. unitastoberry Says:

    I skip bayless every day and turn on WNST.

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