It was fun seeing Pittsburgh lose, but Broncos’ win may cost Ravens Super Bowl

January 10, 2012 | Peter Dilutis


Everyone in Baltimore takes pride in seeing the Pittsburgh Steelers lose.

We’ve all seen the shirts.

“I root for two teams: The Ravens and whoever is playing the Steelers.”

That’s all well and good. It’s fun to root against those slimy dirtbags from up north. They’ve ended the Ravens’ season two times in the past three years. They deserve our hatred.

While all of Baltimore is basking in the glory of watching Mike Tomlin and Big Ben walk off the field losers to a mediocre Denver Broncos team, I’m here to remind you that the high we’re all on right now may come at a very steep price.

That price could be the Ravens losing their chance at taking their talents to Indianapolis.

The Ravens are 8-0 at M&T Bank Stadium this year. They are 4-4 on the road, with losses to Tennessee, Jacksonville, Seattle, and San Diego.

Could the Ravens go to Foxborough and knock of New England in the AFC Championship? You bet they could.

Is it likely? I say no.

The Ravens did it in 2009 when they went ran all over the Patriots defense. They definitely have it in them to beat the Patriots in New England.

But an average road team going into New England this year is a much tougher proposition than staying at home in Charm City and facing a hobbled Pittsburgh Steelers team who the Ravens have already defeated twice in 2011.

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  1. Stephen Adams Says:

    Hey man, it’s Foxborough, not Foxboro.

    Great article. I agree completely.

    (Peter: Thanks, different writing style when writing blogs vs. chatting on FB 😉 Appreciate the kind words.)

  2. joe of bel air Says:

    Had the Steelers been healthy and beaten Denver I would have given them a 50-50 chance of beating New England. However the Steelers were completely devestated by injuries and in my opinion had no chance of beating New England with their depleated team. If Denver has a 10% chance of beating New England the Steelers chances would have been in single digits. Hell if Tebow passed for 316 yards against the Steelers what do you think Brady would gave done.

    (Peter: If they would have beaten Denver? They were one play away from beating Denver. But I hear you…The current version of the Pitt team is not really the team that went 12-4. But the Broncos aren’t even a good team. They are average. They have no shot to win in NE. No shot. Pitt would have had a shot…at least IMO.)

  3. Eric Says:

    A few things here Peter..

    *That 2009 season, the Ravens lost 5 games on the road but then won in Foxborough…what makes this year any different? You know the Ravens on the road in the playoffs (at Cincy was a playoff game this year) thay play at a different level.
    *The Ravens beat New England in 2010, for the record.
    *If the Ravens can’t get passed New England, then they don’t deserve to go to Indy.
    *Denver has a chance to beat NE just as Pittsburgh did, equal chance. See: NY Jets last year …what did NE do to them in the reg. season?

    (Peter: Thanks for reading and commenting. All great points. I said in my piece that the Ravens certainly could go to NE and beat them. In fact, I’d give them maybe a 40% chance of doing so. That’s pretty good for a road playoff team. My main point is that I would have given the Ravens a 70% chance of beating Pitt at home in AFC Championship, and I personally don’t see Denver going into NE and winning. They’ll lose by 3 TD’s….watch.)

  4. Dan Says:

    “The Denver Broncos are not going to beat New England. Period.”
    and the Denver Broncos wont beat the Steelers . Period.
    (not with their number one Defense)
    Let’s just wait and see if Belichick’s house burns down and he misses the game , or brady breaks a leg stepping on a banana peel , or welker gets stuck in an elevator just before the game , I wouldn’t be so quick to dismiss the Broncos just yet. Dan

  5. Logan Says:

    For the record Eric, we lost to NE in 2010. You don’t remember Branch going off?

  6. Justafan Says:

    So far, there has been a definite pattern in the NFL playoffs in that the home team has won every game. Should this pattern continue it will be the New England Patriots vs. the Green Bay Packers in the Super Bowl. That is not to say this pattern will continue, but the fact of the matter is that the best team overall does not necssarily win, but the team that is the healthiest or the team that is playing the best at this juncture will most likely win. As for the Ravens percieved inability to win on the Road, let’s not forget that they achieved a 4-4 split, beating some very good football teams in the process. If you make hay at home and split on the road, you are definitely a championship contender.

  7. Cliff Says:

    How do you beat a supposedly better team? You stop what they do best; sometimes by turnovers, and other times by crucial stops. But at least 75% of it is always defense. It also could be unleashing an offense that the other team is not prepared for; but in any case, you have to actually “beat” the other team. You can not rely on ‘what got you this far’ to beat them. There is no secret in beating New England. You have to stop or at least put “doubt” in Tom Brady. He will come “apart” like Aaron Rodgers did if the Ravens accomplish the above.

    This has been proved over and over in football. You have to ‘beat’ the other team and stop what they do best.
    Alabama vs. LSU. Alabama defense stopped the powerful LSU offense;game over! 1969 Jets way back in the day ‘beat’ the Colts. The Colts relying on what had ‘got them that far’ were not ready to stop Namath. They were not prepared to stop the Jet’s running. They were not prepared for any….. misfortunes. It came upon them like a dark cloud. All because the Jets were ‘prepared’ to beat the Colts.

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