It’s the quarterbacking.

January 05, 2008 |

In baseball’s postseason, three solid starters are the key. In the Stanley Cup playoffs, that hot goaltender can redeem a mediocre regular season.
In the NFL playoffs, it’s the quarterback, stupid.
If that’s the case, than I, as a Redskin hater, am in trouble.
Of the 12 starting QB’s in the NFL tourney, Washington’s Todd Collins is hot; Africa hot. In games down the stretch, he’s second only to the immortal Peyton Manning in the league’s enigmatic QB rating with a 106.4. Tomorrow’s opponent, Matt Hasselbeck is fifth in December games with a 5.8 rating.
My worst fear in the toy department is a potential playoff match-up between the much-hated Cowpokes and the mega-hated Washingtonians. If that happens, I might be singing “Hail To The Redskins” because Romo is not hot. He has worst score among the 12 signal callers with a mere 70.3 rating in his last four games.
Now you might say, “Russ, don’t worry. Romo’s December games didn’t mean much. Collins had to consistently throw downfield to get his ‘Skins in the playoffs.
Then, how would you explain the interceptions? Hasselbeck threw 3 in December. Romo threw 5. Collins? Our Skin of the moment? He threw absolutely no INT’s…not one… in December.  
The Washington Redskins have only nine wins this season. That’s the least of any playoff team.
But with a hot quarterback, does that really matter?