I’ve Gotta Disagree With My Boss …..

October 28, 2008 |

Did you miss me ….. I’m back !!!!  I’ve finally figured out this new blogging procedure, and I’ve got alot to say.  So, you’ll be reading a heavy dose of my dimwitted ideas and opinions over the next few days.

When I went to bed last night, Bud Selig was directly in my “blog crosshairs.”  And, when I woke up ….. to the sound of January winds outsidse my window (what is up with this weather ???), I was still primed to lob some written bombs in Uncle Bud’s direction.

Then, I encountered the “speed bump.”  As I logged onto wnst.net, I was greeted with Nestor’s blog “Selig Makes The Right Call.”  GREAT !!!!  On the morning when I make my debut at the new website, I’m in total disagreement with my boss.  You’ve gotta remember, I spent a career working in a para-military organization, and the final 8 years under the guise of pure tierany.

Where I come from, public dissent would lead to the severing of my head ….. or, at least a 6-month trip to the midnight shift.  Ahh, but that’s what I love about THIS business.  It’s truly okay to have a dissenting opinion and be upfront about it.

Alright, now that the “schmooze-fest” is over, let’s talk about the Phillies ….. the Rays ….. and Bud Selig.  Oh yeah, and let’s talk about homeplate umpire, Jeff Kellogg and his horrible measure of the strike zone.

Why does Bud Selig always lay the blame at someone else’s doorstep?  I watched his stammering press conference and the first thing that dawned on me is “this guy needs a spokesman.”  Heck, he makes George W. Bush look like an eloquent speaker.  And, what’s up with that hair?  It’s a deshoveled mess, and at 74, Selig should realize it’s perfectly understandable to have a “few greys.”

Rather than falling on the sword or beating his chest with an “I’m the HMIC ….. and I wanted to start the game”, Selig shared the brunt of blame with both teams and the umpiring crew.  “I asked them ….. and everybody in the room said they wanted to play,” Selig reasoned.  I’ll assume Jeff Kellogg heard Selig’s question, because he certainly couldn’t see him …. or the strike zone, last night.

I’ll say it’s fair to assume Bud Selig missed John Harbaugh’s series of Chris McAlister-related interviews, last week.  Just tell us the damn truth ….. even if the answer is “it’s none of your business” or “it’s an internal matter.”  And, if comes to playing baseball in the rain, just be blunt ….. “we wanted to roll the dice and I thought we might luck out.  And, we did get lucky, as soon as BJ Upton scored.”

Isn’t Bud Selig the guy who doesn’t use computers or the internet?  If so, I’ll recklessly imagine he’s not too familiar with doppler radar or the “lime green” graphics we can have at our fingerips.  If you can’t work a computer, chances are a Blackberry and it’s up-to-the-minute weather graphics are out of the question.  Yep, he’s gotta wait for Jim Cantore or Al Roker to give him the 4-1-1 on the weather.

Since last Tuesday, I’ve been unwavering in my support of the Tampa Bay Rays.  Hey, I’m an American League guy and they’re a great story.  That said,  Monday’s debacle was extremely unfair to the Phillies and their faithful.  Since Bud wanted to start the game, Charlie Manuel loaded Cole Hamels in the chamber and fired his best shot.

Now, on a soggy Tuesday morning, the game is “half over” and Hamels has been spent ….. at least for a day or two.  In truth, Hamels shouldn’t have been pitching to Carlos Pena in the 6th inning.  Nobody should have been on that field.  Did conditions worsen from the time Pena hit his sloshy liner to left field, until a few moments later, when the inning ended?  Heck, no.

In truth, the game shouldn’t have started.  Conditions were horrible.  And, the complexion of everything changes as soon as they re-take the field.  First of all, Hamels is out of the game and it’s too early for Madson.  And, you can bet on this …..  if Grant Balfour escapes the 6th, the Phillies are gonna get a healthy 2 or 3 inning dose of David Price.

I suppose it would be easy to give Bud and his crew of buffoons the benefit of the doubt, this morning.  But, they used many mulligans up over the last decade.  When the sport’s commissioner lacks basic functioning abilities with modern tools of technology and he has a history of wavering and/or procrastinating, the scrutinizing eye will focus on him.

I think it’s fair to suggest if there’s any chance the game can end up like it is RIGHT NOW, those in charge have gotta be a little more calculated in their pre-game decisions.  And, as for “everybody in the room wanted to play ….”, what did Bud expect them to say?  I can hear Charlie Manuel or Joe Maddon saying “if it might rain, we don’t wanna play.” 

This is on Bud Selig.  This situation is just another in a series of situations indicating Major League Baseball needs a new skipper.  Someone younger?  Yeah ….. with no disrespect to our senior citizen readers.  Someone more techno-savvy?  Yeah …. they should be able to navigate weather.com !!!!  Someone more accountable?  Definitely ….. with broad shoulders and the ability to absorb, rather than share or assign blame.

The question is “who would take the job?”  I can think of a few names, but I’ll leave that decision up to you.  Please, just don’t suggest Jeff Kellogg.  I fear he couldn’t see the weather graphics …..