Jamal vs Willis

January 10, 2008 |

I am a Willis McGahee fan. I think the Ravens made the right move by letting Jamal walk and bringing in Willis. But, after looking at their numbers, did they make the right move?
The Ravens decided that Jamal Lewis ran his course here in Baltimore. I agreed with their decision along with probably all of the other Raven fans. The Ravens sent their 3rd round and 7th round pick in last year’s draft along with their 2008 3rd round pick for Willis McGahee.
Here are their 2007 rushing stats :
McGahee is 26 years old. He had 1,207 yds / 4.1avg / 7 tds.
Jamal is 28 years old. He had 1,304 yds / 4.4 avg / 9 tds.
McGahee was given a 5-year deal worth 40 million bucks with a 15 million dollar bonus.
Lewis signed a 3.5 million dollar contract and ended up earning 5 million total for the year after incentives.
I still think the Ravens made the right move by getting McGahee. I think Jamal needed a change of scenery and it looked like Jamal was wearing down here in Baltimore. What do you think? Who got the better end of the deal? The Ravens or the Browns?