Keep Ray around at what cost?

February 23, 2009 | Keith Melchior

Unless Ray Lewis doesn’t want mucho bucks to remain a Raven, I say sayonara Ray.  You can’t overpay one player when you have to think about the other (oddly) 52 on a roster. If they choose to re-sign Ray, who will they not be able to re-sign? Jim Leonard, Jason Brown, Matt Stover, Bart Scott? All of them?

I know what everyone is worried about. Raven’s fans don’t want to see him go because he fires up the stadium crowd when he is the last player announced in pre-game. Who would step in and fill that role? People would miss that. Ray stirs the crowd into a frenzy with his squirrel dance and chest thumping entrance.

In this day and age, we hear that sports are actually businesses and people move around withing the different businesses all the time, mostly because someone else will pay more for their services. No one wants to see the best performer leave. Other people step into their existing roles when they leave, or in most cases, the business hopes the replacement is as good, if not better, than the guy who left.

We have to face reality now, folks. There is a good chance Ray won’t be here next season. The Ravens can’t sacrifice not being able to sign 2 or 3 other players because they are paying too much for their best player.

You’ll have to find something else to get you fired up come game time. Perhaps an extra shooter, shot of Tuaca, or one last beer will do the trick. It sure won’t be the same though.