Let’s start today with some simple Fantasy Football reminders:

September 10, 2008 |

Let’s start today with some simple Fantasy Football reminders:

1. One person’s trash is another man’s treasure!
2. Do onto others as you would like done onto you!
3. Take your heart out of all decisions!
4. You snooze you lose, think ahead!
5. Relax!

OK, now let’s break these down one by one with a bit more detail.

One person’s trash is another man’s treasure: Once the draft is over, the most important part of a Fantasy Football team is the waiver wire. You have to look through every transaction every day. You never know what treasure you may find. For example today I found Kevin Smith was dropped yesterday in one of my leagues. The team who dropped him chose to go in another direction and picked up Fargas from Oakland. Understandable, but I targeted Kevin Smith early in my drafts and missed out on him … now he is my 4th RB and has great upside. You just never know. With most rosters at 14 to 16 players, owners will have to make decisions to cut people they may not want to. It takes 30 seconds to check the waiver wire every day, do not assume that Wednesday morning the waiver week is done.

Do onto others as you would have done onto you: In the last two days I have seen some of the most ridiculous trade offers ever. Now with that said, you never know what someone will consider a good deal. If a deal to good to be true is offered to you, take it … but don’t be the one to make crazy offers. Just because Tom Brady is out for the year does not mean someone will swap Randy Moss for Edgerrin James. So stop it now! Thank you!

Take your heart out of all decisions: Eddie Royal is now the darling of the Fantasy world. He torched D. Hall for 146 yards on Monday night and is now only available in 10% of leagues worldwide (He would have been on your roster already if you had checked out www.fansfantasyfootball.com earlier, where we told you to grab him as a sleeper, but…). You can love the kid, you can add him to your roster, but please realize it was one week. Realize Brandon Marshall is back for week 2, and that Eddie will be third on the target chart in Denver the rest of the year. Matt Jones, when it’s all said and done, may be the better pickup because he could be the number 1 WR in Jagsville, and will wind up with more targets. Just don’t fall in love with any player … once you do … you get burned.

You snooze you lose, think ahead: You will see on my What’s New Page that under pickups for the week, I list Deion Branch. Now Branch in my opinion does not play til week 4, but he is instantly the number one receiver in Seattle and is owned in few leagues. One of the keys to winning Fantasy Football is finding the diamonds in the rough before everyone else. So, think ahead and don’t snooze on guys from the practice squads or free agents. They may be this year’s Graham or Grant. Think about Cedric Benson, Shawn Alexander, Darius Walker, DeDe Dorsey, Kevin Jones and others. Not saying they will be the next one, but you have to keep them on your radar.

Relax!!!: One week and I have seen people dropping players like Kevin Smith, Marc Bulger, Chris Perry and Jabar Gaffney to name a few. To me, you have to see for two weeks what is really going to happen with a player. So don’t rush to judgment. Relax its only 1 week. If you are 0–1 … you are still in the playoff hunt.