Let the Bodies hit the Floor…

January 11, 2009 |

What a physical game! Unreal! I have good friends in Nashville and after the game all they could say was, “your Defense is no joke”, “Congrats you guys beat us and beat us up”, “You guys are going to the Superbowl”

Thyrl Nelson, his wife and I were at Looney’s in Canton and it was insane…How draining was that game on you? I don;t think I have ever been more tired and hoarse after a game i watched on TV.

Turning point of the game, Chris Johnson not coming out in the second half. Had to energize the team! White was not going to breat a long one, no one to catch a screen or swing pass…made Titans very predictable.

On to the AFC Championship…I do not care who the Ravens play…but if you make me choose I say San Diego…we can all say how we want Pittsburgh a third time…thats great folks….and I truly think the Ravens can beat them, but they are the best team over the second half od the 2008 season, lets not forget that…I rather go to SD without LT…we crush them!

Someone more talented then me has to create a  “Let the Bodies hit the floor” video of this game…WWE style.