Let’s Just Elect Thyrl Nelson ….. President Of The United States Of America !!!!

September 16, 2008 |

That’s it ….. I’m starting the grassroots campaign. No signs or mudslinging ads – just a write-in vote, on November 4th.

After all, if you’ve read Thyrl’s blog, “NFL Drops The Ball On Ravens vs. Texans” from Saturday, you’re probably sensing his reasoning was more rational and appropriate than the charade that eventually seeped from Roger Goodell’s office.

If Thyrl, who works full-time in the challenged mortgage industry, can develop a better plan regarding the Texans/Ravens makeup game, just imagine what he can do for our country. He’s got my attention.

That’s right, rescheduling the Texans/Ravens game in a combination with the Oakland Raiders would have ensured that all teams kept the allotted amount of home dates, and that bye-weeks remained intact. Isn’t that the ideal resolution?

While I’m not shocked by yesterday’s scoldings from a few President Bush fans, I am surprised that more folks aren’t concerned over the loss of a bye-week. If bye-weeks aren’t important, why do they exist? Better yet, why do players/personnel/fans pine for a bye, later in the season?

Don’t be fooled into believing that this decision is being well received by 53 guys living the “high life” in Baltimore’s suburbs ….. or their coaching staff. Better yet, don’t naively think the NFLPA isn’t priming to challenge the ‘Rog when the time is appropriate.

This isn’t about hurricanes or their resulting carnage. This also isn’t about entitled athletes losing a convenient break. And, lastly, it’s not about a perceived advantage some fans feel other teams will enjoy. I’ve been blunt about this ….. it’s about a multi-billion dollar behemoth being unprepared for adverse circumstances that have arisen in the past.

This is unacceptable. Just as we expect the cities of New Orleans, Houston, Miami and Charleston to be more readily prepared the next time a ‘cane comes calling ….. we should demand the same from the National Football League and ANY OTHER BUSINESS AFFECTED BY THESE STORMS.

In fact, we observed New Orleans’ experienced preparedness, with Hurricane Gustav, a couple weeks ago, right? The city’s proactive measures were effective and impressive. As a society, isn’t this what we hope for?

Now, what has the NFL done in the span of the past decade to prepare for scheduling deviation and the chaotic circumstances that can be generated in the wake of disasters? It’s a fair question.

You can bet on this ….. there will be hurricanes in 2009 ….. 2010 ….. 2011 ….. and well beyond. Will Mr. Goodell have a better answer than to sacrifice a team’s bye-week, when (NOT IF ….) this happens, again? I certainly hope so.

Some readers have alleged that a bye-week isn’t important. That doesn’t matter. In fact, I hate bye-weeks, myself, and can’t wait for the restless two-week dead span to end. However, every team gets one ….. and for good reason.

Additionally, some have asked “why involve the Raiders ???” Hell, if I know. Better yet, why involve the Ravens? Their only relevance is they were scheduled to play the Texans, and as a result, they lose their bye-week.

That’s right ….. no misconduct or alleged malfeasance; just a date on the schedule. So, let the Raiders or any other team absorb some of the pain or inconvenience. After all, it’s the “right thing to do.”

Yep, I’ve heard that line, along with “it sucks to be us” a few dozen times, since Saturday. Well, let it “suck” for the Raiders and any other team, as well, to ensure the effects are more balanced. Do the Ravens and Raiders share a common trait in this mess? Yep, neither team had anything to do with the NFL’s lack of preparation. And, neither team should be adversely effected, due to it.

Finally, a few conservative brethren have asked that I provide potential solutions to the NFL’s dilemma, as well as the basket of problems plaguing our nation. I guess this is what I get for coyly poking fun at the Commander In Chief.

My response to these folks is blunt — I don’t have a solution/answer for the NFL’s problem (but, Thyrl does) with the Texans/Ravens game. I also don’t have a solution for skyrocketing gas prices, a suffering economy and our ongoing presence in Iraq. And, there’s nothing wrong with such a stance.

As a consumer of the NFL, I have to hope Roger Goodell makes good decisions. If he does, he’ll hear it – and if he doesn’t, he’s also gonna hear it. That’s just the way it is.

More importantly, as an American citizen, I elected President Bush to lead a collective government aimed at solving this country’s woes. I have entrusted him to find the appropriate solutions. It’s his JOB ….. not mine.

In November, I’ll vote for the next guy whom I feel has the best chance of leading our nation and providing answers to the very questions some of you have posed. Both candidates have mandated an absolute need for CHANGE ….. and I wholeheartedly agree.

As a responsible citizen, I will never disparage President Bush or any other man/woman residing in that office. However, I will always reserve the right to question them, without providing any potential solutions. This will not change.

In the meantime, I will continue to support Thyrl Nelson. To date, he’s the only guy to provide a sensible solution to anything. From the world of “Fantasy Sports” to leading “Fantasy Land” …… that should be his motto.

Go get ‘em T …… and lower those gas prices !!!!!