Lets play the what if game

April 09, 2008 |

A few “what ifs?” to ponder…what would you do?

1. It’s June 15th…the Orioles are 5 games over 500…they are 2 games out of a Wildcard….What trades do you make?

A. Trade Sherrill, who has 25 saves, pitched great, but Chris Ray is back next year…and James Hoey is tearing up AAA.

B. Trade Brian Roberts for 3 top prospects including a stud SS

C. Trade Melvin Mora to the Dodgers for a 2B prospect and a Pitching prospect

D. Forget that…we are going to add a bat ourselves and go for it.

2. Ravens pick 8th…the following players are available..who do you take?

A. Matt Ryan

B. Sedric Ellis

C. Ryan Clady

D. Leodis McKelvin

E. Trade Down and still get a player you need.

3. Ravens just took Matt Ryan number 8…who goes

A. McNair

B. Boller

C. Smith

D. Don’t make me choose

4. Last one….If only one team can win a championship this year…who would you take and why?

A. Orioles

B. Ravens


I would take the Orioles…I think it would be one of the greatest stories ever in the history of Baltimore sports and create more excitment then the other 2…The Ravens will win again in the future…the Terps will not win til Garyland moves on….so I go with the O’s….ahhh what-if…