Look For A Different Ravens Offense On Saturday

January 06, 2009 |

I was talking football with a guy at Conrad’s Crabs on Sunday right after the Ravens beat the Dolphins, and he brought up an interesting point:

“The Ravens offense looked a little different, didn’t it?”

After thinking about it for a while, it did seem a bit off. Maybe it was Cam Cameron’s play-calling or the fact that Joe Flacco narrowly missed Mark Clayton on two deep balls, but it just didn’t seem like the new Ravens offense we’ve all grown to know and love.

Sure, there were the usual staples of the smash mouth running game from Le’Ron McClain and the 10-12 yard 4 routes from Derrick Mason, but still, something was different.

He continued: “We only saw Troy Smith and the Suggs package once. Where were the flea-flickers? The double-reverses? Mark Clayton throwing a pass? Where were those playground plays?”

On Monday morning, Drew mentioned that Cam Cameron’s play-calling was off. Maybe it was intentional.

With the defense playing so well, maybe he knew he didn’t have to throw the kitchen sink at the Dolphins. To do so would only show Tennessee all of their cards. Ed Reed, Ray Lewis and Co. were downright dominating, so maybe Cameron adopted more of a conservative game plan.

Remember, in week 5 when the Ravens lost to the Titans 13-10, the Suggs package had not yet been installed into the Ravens’ offensive game plan. Troy Smith didn’t make an appearance until, ironically, the Ravens faced the Dolphins and their wildcat scheme in week 7. I still love watching highlights of Joe Flacco catching that pass with his fingertips…it never gets old.

Of course, the Titans are able to watch game film of the Ravens offense, and they’ve seen Troy Smith under center with Joe Flacco flanked out as a wide receiver.

But the wizardry of Cam Cameron cannot be overlooked or underestimated. I’m sure he has a few tricks up his sleeve for Albert Haynesworth and the Titans defense.