Losing to good teams on the road ensures your postseason plight …..

November 15, 2010 |

Press conferences are nothing more than minutes of rhetoric, sprinkled with bits of truth. 

I don’t care if the speaker is a local police spokesman, politician, lawyer, business owner or football coach.  They’re usually only speaking due to obligation and/or to quell multiple media inquiries.

The Baltimore Ravens, as an organization, are not content with chalking up two consecutive road losses to convenient, similar excuses. 

Granted, the games against the Patriots and Falcons were losses, on the road, against very good teams.  However, they were also losses that included a surrendered fourth quarter lead; although, the Atlanta lead was short lived.

Throw in a blown fourth quarter lead to the visiting and winless Buffalo Bills, too.

Wait a minute !!!!  That was a home game, which means the circumstances were totally different.  LOSSES TO VERY GOOD TEAMS ON THE ROAD and NEAR DISASTERS TO DOORMATS AT HOME can’t be intertwined, huh?

Bullsh*# …..

The Ravens have held and surrendered leads in the fourth quarter of three out of the four most recent games.  They’ve lost two of those games.  And, while some people may think the determining consistencies are primarily tied to the caliber of opponent and traveling, more plausible factors really do exist.

Buffalo Bills running back C.J. Spiller leaps away from Baltimore Ravens cornerback Fabian Washington (31) en route to picking up a first down as Bills wide receiver Steve Johnson (13) follows the play during the second quarter of their NFL football game in Baltimore, Maryland October 24, 2010.   REUTERS/Joe Giza (UNITED STATES - Tags: SPORT FOOTBALL)

What are they?  Heck, I don’t know …..

And, nobody in my shoes really knows.

That goes for former high school and college players, sports media reporters and personalities, fantasy football gurus, Maddon-NFL wizards and every single casual fan.

We’re all in the same boat.

To suggest that anyone who has never coached, scouted or played at the highest level of professional football really understands the science of the game and it’s resulting chemistry is an ignorant belief.

Of course, the exclusion is members of a team’s upper management structure, who’ve undoubtedly been exposed to the inner-workings of a program- while being educated by the best minds.

It’s easy for fans and media, alike, to say “it’s just a loss on the road …. to a very good team”, because this is a scenario we can grasp and understand.

It’s also a line of propaganda that John Harbaugh can sell at his press conference.  As I suggested earlier, like any other coach, he’s going to spew rhetoric and add small bits of truth or fact.

The Ravens did lose on the road.

The Ravens did lose to a very good team.

But, that’s not where the real problems exist.  Solutions won’t necessarily be found in looking at the talent level of opponents or a travel schedule.