Losing to good teams on the road ensures your postseason plight …..

November 15, 2010 |

Winning is a MUST at this level.  Losing is a step toward being unemployed.  And, habitual losing ensures the reality of what too many of those steps dictate.

For some unexplainable reason, John Harbaugh strikes me as a guy who really subscribes to the teachings of Vince Lombardi.  I’ve got a feeling Lombardi’s words have probably resonated with the Ravens head coach on numerous occasions.

Vince Lombardi said it …..

“Winning is not a sometime thing…it’s an all the time thing. You don’t win once in a while…you don’t do the right thing once in a while…you do them right all the time. Winning is a habit.”

Indeed, winning is a habit.  And, so is losing – regardless of where it happens.

Sure, people can sit back and say the game of football has changed, dramatically, since Lombardi graced the field.  Fair enough.  The game of football has changed in the context of rules and technological advances.

But, the fundamentals of winning remain intact.  Lombardi’s self-fulfilling rules of discipline and virtue still exist.  The belief that losing, in any form, is inexcusable and can be identified through shortcomings is very much alive.

Would Vince Lombardi really believe his football team lost a game, because it was against a viable foe and on a field other than their own?  Not a chance …..

Bill Parcells is famously known for saying “you are what your record says you are” …..

Super Bowl XXI 25/01/1987 New York Giants v Denver Broncos 39-20 Giants players carry a victorious Bill Parcells head coach Photo Robin Parker Fotosports International

Very true …..

When the evening hours of January 2nd arrive, the only thing that matters is each team’s wins and losses.  Everything else is a worthless could’ve – should’ve – would’ve set of circumstances.

Nothing more, nothing less …..

While the Ravens struggled to beat the Bills and Browns, those results are found in the WIN column along with that thrashing of the Broncos.

To the same extent, those losses in the final seconds to the Patriots and Falcons will carry the same weight as a potential beatdown – if the team suffers one.

Alas, winning and losing is reflected in simple numbers.  But the routes to both results are quite defining, and usually in distinct extremes.

I’ve never pretended to have half the football knowledge of Ozzie Newsome or any of his underlings.  They know football – in every aspect.

For many of us, football is a passionate interest.  The passion we develop and nurture is often displayed in our conversations with others.  We agree and disagree.  We’re right and wrong.  We’re accurate and misled.

Welcome to sports talk radio …..

Newsome, Harbaugh and DeCosta have made a life from the sport of football.  It’s their profession.

They know and have mastered things we’ll never understand.  And, their years of experience are often dismissed by the pigskin lovin’ fanatic.

Consider these questions …..